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Friday, June 16, 2006

Joe's buddy is busted

How funny is it that the guy who seconded Joe Lieberman's nomination at the state convention is allegedly caught on videotape using cocaine.

Go Joementum!
Accused druglord Juan Marrero told the FBI that Shawn Fardy, a Democratic Town Committee member indicted last week on narcotics conspiracy charges, said he had a video of Mayor John M. Fabrizi using cocaine.

The allegation against Fabrizi is contained in a FBI report of a July 7, 2005, interview with Marrero filed in federal court on Thursday.


"It's real difficult for me because it's personal to me," Fabrizi said. "I've made some poor choices in my personal life. It's human. I've never claimed to be a choirboy. I take full responsibility for my prior actions. "I should have put this issue to rest a year and a half ago," Fabrizi said, referring to when rumors began surfacing about his alleged drug use.
You can't make this type of stuff up folks!

Question for our local Democratic officials and candidates

(due to recent events, I've decided to bump this post to the top)

In light of Joe Lieberman planning to jump ship and run as a Independent against Ned Lamont, I think it's appropriate ask our Democratic local officials and candidates this simple (and easy) question.

"Will you support the Democratic candidate for Senate in November?"

Don't you think it's time to get our officials on record stating whether they'll support the Democratic candidate for Senate? We'll I do and I know of many others who feel the same way so we're going to do somehting about it.

Help me get our Democratic officials on record. Call your local officials, Gubernatorial and Congressional candidates and find out where they stand on this important issue. Send me an email (or drop the response in the comment section of this post) and I'll compile a list of officials and candidates who are sticking on with the Democratic candidate, ones who are jumping ship with Lieberman, and the ones who are undecided (or on the fence).

If Joe's bolting, don't you think it's important to know which Democrats are bolting the party with him?

Here's a partial list. A more comprehensive list by clicking here (will be updated throughout the day).

I'll keep you updated with the responses as I get the results so come back and check often.

John DeStefano - Governor - candidate

Dan Malloy - Governor - candidate
203-978-9019 dan@danmalloy.com

Kevin Sullivan - Lt. Governor
860-524-7384 ltgovernor.sullivan@ct.gov

Susan Bysiewicz - Secretary of State

Denise Nappier - State Treasurer
800-618-3404 state.treasurer@po.state.ct.us

Nancy Wyman - State Comptroller
860-702-3300 comptroller.wyman@po.state.ct.us

Dick Blumenthal - Attorney General
860-808-5318 attorney.general@po.state.ct.us

Christopher J. Dodd - Senator

John B. Larson - Congress

Joe Courtney - Congress - candidate

Rosa L. DeLauro - Congress

Diane G. Farrell - Congress - candidate

Chris Murphy - Congress - candidate
860-223-5522 campaign@murphyforcongress.org

Lieberman's stupid new ad

Nice to see that Joe is finally talking about the issues that matter to Connecticut voters...

Ask yourself this question. Is this the type of ad you expect from a Democrat or a Republican?

Go and check out a REAL Democrat.

CEA anf AFT endorse Lamont video

Video courtesy of Spazeboy. Please check out his site, his stuff is amazing!

O'Reilly endorses Lieberman

FaleffelBoy loves DINOBoy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Let's take a look some of those Lamont weirdos.
(click on any of the images for a close up look)...

And I guess 33 percent of the people in the photo below are "weirdos" also.

DeStefano answers the question...

two months ago (NH Indy 4/12/06).
"I’m hoping my good friend Joe Lieberman is going to run as a Democrat. I will be supporting the Democrat in the November election. Look, I have disagreements with Joe on the war and some other things. He’s been a good and fair senator for New Haven. He’s been a good and fair senator for Connecticut. He has earned my support. That said, I am supporting the Democratic candidate in November."
Well, that pretty much sums that up. Hats off to both gubernatorial candidates (sucks that we have to pick one of you guys in August).

Malloy answers the question

Paging John DeStefano...
Yes, I will support the winner of Senate primary, period.

Cut and run Joe

From Firedoglake (Graphic by FXQ).

Oh how quickly things change. Holy Joe on April 11, 2006:

If I wanted to run as an independent, I would do it today. I don’t. I’m a Democrat. I want to run as a Democrat. I expect, with some confidence increasing as I talk to delegates, that I will be the Democratic nominee and I will win the primary.

And today:

Lieberman’s campaign contends that it’s focused only on winning the Aug. 8 primary, but the Democrat has not ruled out petitioning his way onto the November ballot as part of a backup plan to secure a fourth term in the Senate.

"I am not going to close out any options," the senator recently told reporters.

Frankly he can’t leave the party fast enough for me. He makes Democrats look like weak-kneed, flip-flopping, opportunistic, treacherous little toadies and his continued presence in the party is a huge PR hurdle.

So true.

Trust the DSCC

From Jesus' General


No end in sight.
The military death toll in Iraq has reached 2,500, a U.S. Defense Department spokesman said.

The number of U.S. military personnel killed in action in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion was 1,972 as of 9 a.m. today New York time, Army Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Martin said. Including members of the U.S. military who have died from other causes, such a illness or accidents, the total death toll is 2,500, Martin said.
Just because he killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and President Bush does a photo-op to Iraq doesn't mean anything.

Remember, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was giveen up by his own people (that should tell you something like maybe his people wanted him dead). We had multiple chances to kill him before the war but the Bush administration chose to do nothing because Bush and Co. were so obsessed with going to war.

Don't let the photo-ops and statements fool you...nothing has changed in Iraq and the US will be stuck in that country way after Bush is out of office.

If they lied about everything else, why should you believe this administration now?

Look, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 (yet this administration consistently fool Americans in believing this for political purposes). Osama bin Laden is still on the loose. Our relation with the rest of the world is in the tank while the rich are getting richer (tax breaks) while everyone else is paying more out of their pocket (notice that gas is STILL 3.00+ per gallon).

Of yeah, lets not forget that the Taliban and the drug trade is stronger than ever in Afghanistan.

This whole war is a joke. We we're lied to by this administration time and time again. Bush took us went into the mess with too few troops, no post-war plan, tortured countless Iraqis, and played politics with the American people by attempting to link Iraq with 9-11 while calling anyone who is against this war "un-American".

And this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Wake up!

How many more lies do we need to endure before you get the message?

How many more young Americans need to die before we do something...like vote the Republicans and people like Joe Lieberman out of office.

Imagine what will happen if these guys control Congress after 2006 when they have nothing to loose?

Ned Lamont said it best yesterday.
Greenwich Democrat Ned Lamont slammed the Bush administration and his political opponent, Sen. Joe Lieberman, on Wednesday, saying they pushed America into an ill-fated war in Iraq.

"George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman rushed us into this war, got our 132,000 troops stuck in a bloody civil war, and they should be held accountable," Lamont said.

The statement drew loud applause from several hundred liberal Democrats that attended a panel discussion Wednesday organized by the Campaign for America's Future at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

You should be concerned Joe...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Come meet Joe Lieberman's nightmare


Weicker backs Lamont

Video courtesy of La Resistance.

CEA backs Lamont

Oh, the hits keep coming for Joe...
On the heels of the Connecticut chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, the Connectict Education Association endorsed Ned Lamont today. There will be a press conference tomorrow officially announcing the support: AFT boasts 26,000 members including Hartford teachers, paraprofessionals and educational personnel. Connecticut Education Association (CEA) represents more than 36,000 members in Connecticut.
How 'bout that Joementum!

Lieberman losing ground, campaign falling apart

Well, this might explain why Joe's planning to bolt the party.
A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Lieberman leading primary challenger Ned Lamont (D) by just six percentage points, 46% to 40%.

There are some issues with the poll, such as a small sample size (218) and large margin of error (7%), but the results are a clear sign that Lamont is gaining traction.
The writing is on the wall...Lieberman's campaign is going down in flames. His pathetic attempt to paint Lamont as a Republican is an insult and probably the dumbest campaign move I've seen in all my years of following politics and it seems like no one is buying his message.
Seeking to lambaste Ned Lamont, Lieberman's primary opponent, the senator's staff and admirers reach into the Bush-Cheney-Coulter playbook. No less a light than Sean Smith, Lieberman's campaign manager offers the bizarre, Orwellian, Bushian assault on the foe:

"The only public record this guy [Lamont] has, he voted time and again like a Republican," Smith said. "Why would we support that?" He said Lieberman would not promise to support Lamont, because the businessman voted frequently with Republicans as a local official in Greenwich.

Excuse us, but Lieberman is in a pickle today exactly because he so proudly, openly, happily, repeatedly, madly voted like a Republican. In fact, we have barely his word for it that he is a Democrat at all. The president kissed him, for cryeye. When you're getting smootched like some Brokeback cowboy by a Republican, it barely works to criticize your opponent for voting like a Republican in some town school board matter when, the lipstick still damp, you've been knee-jerking along voting for Iraq and supporting the Bush war on Social Security and a million other things.

Lieberman says it takes courage to be as wrong as he's been. Maybe. It takes some common sense, though, not to try to blame your opponent for doing what you've been doing so vigorously for so long.

But when you lie down with Republicans you get up with GOP fleas. It is a hallmark of the Bush Compassion to eye-gouge and kidney-punch a foe to his knees and the truth or logic doesn't count. If Lamont once voted like a Republican you could imagine that the Republicans' favorite "Democratic" senator would clap him on the back in admiration. Instead, they try to make a charge out of something the senator himself has been doing again and again.
You see Joe, you're only have yourself to blame. You days of undermining the Democratic Party is coming back to bite you in the ass big time.

You hubris and outright arrogance blinded you to the fact that you should of taken Ned Lamont seriously months ago but now it's too late. The trend is in Lamont's favor and there simply isn't enough diners for you to do photo-ops to make a difference. Your silly attempt to paint Ned Lamont as a Republican is only pissing more undecided voters off and drawing more attention to Lamont.

The more attention Lamont receives, the less popular Lieberman looks to primary voters.

Joe, Lamont is going to beat you in the primary and you know it. The writing is on the wall and your internal numbers tell you the story...you're screwed.

The only quesiton that remains is when will your campaign start to collect signatures for your independent bid (and which Democratis leaders will assist you in your indy run).

At this point, any Democratic leaders in Connecticut who help your independent campaign should be booted right out of the party pronto.

Joe and his friends are making Indy plans

According to Political Wire, Joe's indy plans are in the works.
Political Wire has learned that key allies of Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) are making contingency plans for the three-term senator to run as an independent in this fall's U.S. Senate race in Connecticut. Lieberman faces a challenge in the Democratic primary from businessman Ned Lamont.

Okay, enough is enough. Joe's jumping ship and those in the position to know are aware of this (believe me, I'll refer you AGAIN to my man Keith talking about this at the state convention).

Now is the time to start holding the Democratic leaders in Connecticut accountable. Are we being taken on a ride by the higher ups in the Connecticut Democratic party? Which Democratic leaders will suppport the Democratic candidate for Senate and which ones are actively assisting Joe with his indy battle plan thus stabbing the party in the back?

It's time to start getting some people in record stating whether ot not they'll support the Democratic candidate for Senate.

Where's the outrage from Lieberman on Coulter

Where's the outrage Joe?

Senator Lieberman had no problem jumping in front of a camera, wagging his finger and ripping into President Bill Clinton in the late 90s during the Lewinsky scandal but as one of the sponsors of the bill that created the 9/11 commission, you would think he be critical of Ann Coulter's attack on the widows of 9/11. If it wasn't for the people like Kristen Breitweiser (part of a group of 9/11 widows called the "Jersey Girls") the 9/11 commission would of never existed.

So where's Joe when Ann Coulter attacks the very women that helped him out when he needed their assistance?

Oh, I get it, Coulter is a conservative and best friends of your pal Sean Hannity...
With the predictable regularity of a locust plague, Ann Coulter and her enablers at the once-reputable firm of Random House have issued yet another volume of fascistic entertainment. Now the hard-drinking, trash-talking, fortysomething bachelorette bills herself as a Christian moralist, in holy battle against the liberal heathens.


Too vicious, however, is the only way to categorize Ms. Coulter’s attempted assassination of the 9/11 widows known as the Jersey Girls, whom she accuses of “enjoying” the horrific deaths of their husbands in the World Trade Center inferno. She harangues them as “broads,” “witches” and “millionaires,” guilty of being “self-obsessed” and “reveling in their status as celebrities” while they are “lionized on TV and in articles about them.”


What is most disturbing about this episode is not that these women can be victimized by a brutal bully like Ms. Coulter, nor even that the mainstream media, which abandoned traditional standards of fairness and decency years ago, would eagerly assist her. That is our hideous political culture. What is most disappointing is the abject dereliction of the prominent politicians who worked so closely with the Jersey Girls.

John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, the Senate sponsors of the bill that created the 9/11 Commission, both believed that an independent investigation was essential for reasons of honor and national security. They both know that they could not have prevailed against the White House—and the Republican Congressional leadership—without the help of the widows.

In the fall of 2002, when their bill passed the Senate and the House, Mr. McCain acknowledged the efforts of the widows and their comrades. “I also want to put in a special word for the families,” he said after thanking his fellow statesmen. “Without their unstinting support and efforts, we would not be where we are today.”

In the summer of 2004, when the commission’s reform recommendations were debated, Mr. Lieberman praised all of the 9/11 families, including a special acknowledgment for the Jersey Girls. “I continue to be awed and inspired by your ability to turn your personal tragedies into better public safety for this nation,” said the Connecticut Senator.


But that was then, and this is now—and these two pious politicians remain silent in the face of a malevolent attack visited on their erstwhile friends. Both men know that it is a lie to call these women partisans or profiteers. Both know that these women—and the families they helped to lead—brought honor and purpose to a legislative process that is often petty and corrupt.

Shame on the silent Senators. And please, let’s hear no more from either of them for a while about tolerance, respect and decency.

Shame on you Joe. Where are you when a fellow conservative viciously attack the Jersey Girls character? If this were Michael Moore and not Ann Coulter, Joe would probably trip over himself as he jumped in front of a FOXNews camera with something critical to say.

Where are you now Mr. "proud" Democrat? Where are you when the Jersey Girls are being attacked by a vile, vicious, disgusting conservative (whos' a friend of your buddy Hannity)?

You silence speaks volumes of your character Joe and I only hope the Democratic voters of Connecticut are taking notice.

Again I ask you fellow voters who are voting in the primary, is Joe Lieberman the type of Democrat you want representing you in Washington?

I bet Ned Lamont would step up to the plate and defend the widows of 9/11...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

AFT gets behind Lamont

Oh, this is very really big news.
AFT Connecticut, the state’s second largest AFL-CIO union representing more than 26,000 professionals, including healthcare, higher education, and public employees, has endorsed Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

“This endorsement came down to the issues of education and healthcare and the draining of resources from our state in order to fund the war in Iraq,” said Sharon Palmer, president of AFT Connecticut. “Ned Lamont understands these issues and agrees with our positions.”
So much for that so-called union love for Lieberman...

It's official, Lieberman WILL not support the winner of the primary (if he loses)

Time to whip out the Drudge siren! (Hats off to Neal for catching this clip today. Please recommend his post over at Daily Kos).

In what can only be called an act of utter stupidity, the Lieberman campaign finally shows it true colors to the voters of Connecticut today.

This morning on WSTC/WNLK here in Connecticut, Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith made it official. He said this to news reporter Erik Campano,

Are we going to support Ned Lamont? Ah, no! (laughs)...

Listen to the audio clip (MP3 , 42kb, 10sec)


Stories about the new Lamont radio spot are all over the news and blogs this morning. But, it appears that local reporter Campano was the only one to get the Lieberman campaign on the record stating Lieberman's intentions to NOT support the winner of the Democratic primary. Perhaps Sean Smith thinks that no one listens to AM radio anymore?

Is this the type of person you want representing you as senator in Washington?

Does this sound like the type of politican who cares about the will of the Democratic party over himself?

Does this sound like a politician who supports democracy and the will of the people who will vote in the perimary?

Do you need any more evidence to show you that Joe's planning to jump ship?

Look, this goes out to those Democratic Lieberman supporters: How can you support a person who cares more about himself over the will of the Democratic voters in Connecticut?

Joe's camapign just said the very thing we've been saying about Joe from the very beginning...Lieberman is a Democrat in Name Only.

Even Stevie Wonder can see that Joe cares only about himself while Ned Lamont said from the very beginning that he'll support whoever wins the primary.

Now who's the real Democrat?

More proof that Joe's planning to jump ship

Knowing that he'll lose the primary (believe me, the writing is on the wall) Joe's definately planning to claim that the Democratic party in Connecticut has been hijacked by the "looney left," jump ship, and "allow ALL the voters of Connecticut decide who they want as Senator."

Do you think Joe would allow one of his friends to go to the press and say something like this? This statement is no accident.

A prominent ally of U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman urged Monday that Lieberman run for re-election as an independent and not trust his career to left-leaning Democratic primary voters in August.

John F. Droney Jr., a former Democratic state chairman who helped Lieberman unseat Republican Sen. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. in 1988, said Lieberman should make his case for re-election to all voters in November.

"I think to be terrorized through the summer by an extremely small group of the Democratic Party, much less the voting population, is total insanity for a person who is a three-term senator," Droney said.

Keith is right, Joe's jumping ship and like keith said, Joe is going to claim that the Democratic party has been hijacked by the "looney left" and that he wants to allow all the voters to decide on November who they want as their senator.

Think I'm kidding? Listen to Keith again (carefully).

Now add that with the quote from Lieberman close friend...getting the message now?

Enough is enough. The voters on Connecticut deserve better than a senator who too chicken to support the winner of the primary (because he knows he going to lose). For Joe, it's all about Joe and his hubris is not only shameless, it's disgusting.

At this point, with Lieberman STILL refusing to support the winner of the primary, how can any Democrat in this state STILL support Joe?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Lamont challenges Lieberman in new ad

With Joe Lieberman still refusing to answer simple question of whether he'll stay a Democrat or jump ship and run as an independent, Ned Lamont rolled out a new radio ad today in which he directly challenges Lieberman to pledge his support to the winner of the primary in August.

Click here to hear the radio ad. While you're at it, sign the petition and add your name to the list of voters who are asking Lieberman to support the winner of the primary.
So I have a challenge for our junior senator. Joe, let's both go to the Democratic primary on August 8th, and let the people of Connecticut decide. I'll pledge to back you one hundred percent if you win. And for the good of the party, you'll pledge to support me one hundred percent if I'm victorious. What do you say Senator? May the best Democrat win. I'm Ned Lamont, I'm running for the U.S. Senate, and I approve this message.

Couldn't happen to a better person

Ha ha.
Mary Cheney's book, Now It's My Turn, has sold less than 6,000 copies since it hit bookstores on May 9, 2006.


Sales numbers from Neilsen Bookscan, as reported by the Advocate, indicate that during the week of June 3, the books sold 574 nationwide.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Analysis of the Quinnipiac poll from the source

Since everyone is still buzzing about the latest Quinnipiac University poll results, I thought it would be informative to hear the full analysis from the Q-poll Director Douglas Schwartz.

Simply put, Joe Lieberman should be very concerned. Listen to his prediction on the primary turnout and you'll see what I mean.

(NOTE: I can't say enough good things about CT-N. Please go to their site and make them your primary source for any information regarding politics in Connecticut).

Markos explains why Joe Lieberman is in a primary race

Markos of the Daily Kos was on Meet The Press this morning discussing the rationale behind the primary for senate in Connecticut.

Hats off to Scarce for the video. Go to Daily Kos and recommend this great dairy.


MR. MOULITSAS: Well, we’re looking at a lot of races, and a lot of them are primaries. I mean, Byron York kind of makes fun of the fact that we’re going after Joe Lieberman, I guess, and not realizing that actually we played a fairly big role in Barak Obama’s primary victory in 2004 in Illinois. I mean, one of the things that we’re learning is that if we want the kind of Democrats that we think we need to have in Washington D.C., not left, not right, but the kind of Democrats that don’t undermine the party, that work up—the have—that, that maintain party unity and work for a stronger Democratic Party, that we’re going to have to use the primary process in order to start to help on that selection.

Connecticut is no different. We have Joe Lieberman, who has consistently undermined Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats’ efforts to remain unified on issue after issue. He is basically caught up in the fiction that things are still going fine in Iraq. And long-term, I mean, even on the issue of Social Security, Social—when Bush tried to privatize Social Security last year, Joe Lieberman was the last Democrat to fall in line. He consistently undermines the caucus, and we understand, just as the Republicans do, that a strong, unified party will be much better in opposition and much more likely to actually win and take over the Senate, and the House, for that matter, than having a party that has its members constantly undermining it.

MR. RUSSERT: But John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton all voted for the war in Iraq.

MR. MOULITSAS: Right. That means that this is not an issue about Iraq. People try to paint it as—well, Joe Lieberman, the reason we’re attacking him, the reason we’re, we’re helping generate excitement for Ned Lamont is because of the Iraq war. It’s one issue out of many. Hillary Clinton doesn’t undermine the Democratic Party. Nother—neither does John Kerry or Edwards or any of these people.

They do not undermine the Democratic Party. That’s the litmus test. It’s a very easy litmus test for most Democrats to, to follow, because if they had that D next to their name, usually they’re working for the benefit of the Democratic Party because they believe in the strong, progressive principles that drive Democrats like, like myself and Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

Joe Lieberman does not share those values, hence he’s suffering a primary challenge.
And you know what’s interesting, too, is he’s angry. He feels as though—Joe Lieberman is angry. He feels as though he has the God-given right to this seat when this is what democracy is all about. He needs to make his case to the American—to the people of Connecticut, and they will decide, ultimately, whether he deserves another six years.

MR. RUSSERT: Do you believe that, that bloggers like yourself would prefer to have a Republican senator from Connecticut rather than Joe Lieberman?

MR. MOULITSAS: Absolutely not. If Joe Lieberman wins the primary, we’re all going to get behind Joe Lieberman. Because at the end of the day, having a Democrat in—holding that seat is going to be far better than having the Republican alternative. Now in Connecticut, the Republican candidate’s fairly—pretty much a fringe candidate. This is a very, very blue state. I don’t think that if Ned Lamont wins the primary that we’re going to have any trouble holding onto that seat.

Lamont invades Hat City

Look who came down to my neck of the woods.

Ned Lamont came to the Greek festival in Danbury on Saturday to get a taste of the Greek experience.

CTBob and yours truly were on hand and caught up with Lamont and asked him a few questions regarding his campaign and his crusade to unseat George Bush's favorite Democrat.

Here's the interview (good grief, I think I'm turning into an online reporter). Hat's off to CTBob, that man knows video!