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Friday, July 04, 2008

In honor of Jesse Helms

Memories of Jesse...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stick with Joe voters having second thoughts

Research 2000 came out with a new poll which mirrors the latest Q-poll and is more bad news for McBush and Lieberman.
Do you approve or disapprove of the job Joe Lieberman is doing as U.S. senator?

All Dem GOP Ind

Approve 45 (47) 37 (40) 66 (62) 43 (46)
Disapprove 43 (40) 49 (45) 28 (32) 44 (40)

If you could vote again for U.S. Senate, would you vote for Ned Lamont, the Democrat, Alan Schlesinger, the Republican, or Joe Lieberman, an Independent?

All Dem GOP Ind

Lamont (D) 51 (51) 74 (74) 4 (4) 53 (53)
Lieberman (I) 36 (37) 18 (19) 74 (74) 36 (36)
Schlesinger (R) 7 (7) 2 (2) 19 (19) 6 (6)

I was going to give my two cents on this latest poll but Kos pretty much nails it...
Independents disapprove of George Bush 14/86, so that has a clear effect on Lieberman's approval ratings. He is even less popular with Democrats while more Independents now disapprove of his performance than approve. While Lieberman's approval ratings continue to fall, the matchups with Lamont were largely unaffected compared to a couple of months ago.

Other findings from the poll -- Obama crushes McCain 57-35 in Connecticut, and Lieberman would actually hurt McCain on the ticket in the state. Let's hope McCain picks him.

My biggest fear is that Lieberman retires in 2012. I want him defeated at the ballot box. And until then, this poll, along with yesterday's Q-poll, should go a long way toward dispelling the notion that Lieberman is popular. His loving embrace of Bush and McCain, along with his rabid warmongering, have definitely killed his support at home.