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Friday, June 16, 2006

Joe's buddy is busted

How funny is it that the guy who seconded Joe Lieberman's nomination at the state convention is allegedly caught on videotape using cocaine.

Go Joementum!
Accused druglord Juan Marrero told the FBI that Shawn Fardy, a Democratic Town Committee member indicted last week on narcotics conspiracy charges, said he had a video of Mayor John M. Fabrizi using cocaine.

The allegation against Fabrizi is contained in a FBI report of a July 7, 2005, interview with Marrero filed in federal court on Thursday.


"It's real difficult for me because it's personal to me," Fabrizi said. "I've made some poor choices in my personal life. It's human. I've never claimed to be a choirboy. I take full responsibility for my prior actions. "I should have put this issue to rest a year and a half ago," Fabrizi said, referring to when rumors began surfacing about his alleged drug use.
You can't make this type of stuff up folks!