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Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's a toss-up!

Paging Congressman Chris Shays...you now have a problem.
The Cook Political Report, whose ratings of Congressional races are well-respected by political pros, has just changed its ratings on ten House races -- and has changed them all in favor of the Dems.

It's very rare that Cook flips so many ratings at once -- much less flipping them all in favor of the same political party.


CT-04 - Chris Shays - Lean Republican to Toss Up

Here's the full report from the Cook Report...
Of all the Republican incumbents who are moving into the Toss Up
column, Shays probably possesses the deepest and longest-standing
personal appeal. But he also sits in the most Democratic district. At
a PVI of D+5, this district has a clear leftward tilt and more urban
cities like Bridgeport and Stamford are likely to see a surge of
support for Obama. Shays survived impressively in 2006 because voters
knew the difference between him and national Republican leaders, but a
presidential year presents him with an even more difficult test.

Democratic investment banker Jim Himes starts out the race with less
name recognition than Westport selectwoman Diane Farrell began with in
2006, but his blistering fundraising pace will allow him to get his
name out in the fall and match Shays dollar-for-dollar on television
and in mail. Himes will also be able to argue that now that Shays is
in the minority, the value of his incumbency has diminished.

McCain's nomination saves Shays some grief and reinforces the helpful
notion that Republicans can be mavericks. But in this kind of district
and political climate, Shays can take nothing for granted.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Congressman John Larson statement on Obama

Congressman John Larson sent the following release on Barack Obama's nominaiton
On January 31st, Congressman John Larson (CT-01), Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus, became the first member of the House Democratic leadership to endorse Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States.

Last night Senator Obama secured the nomination as the Democratic candidate for President. Congressman Larson says:

“Americans across the country have made an historic decision to elect Senator Barack Obama as our Democratic candidate for President. I said it in January, and it is even truer today, Senator Obama has a remarkable ability to inspire generations and unite people towards our nation’s common good. I am proud to call him my nominee for President. And, I am thrilled to continue to support him in this next phase of his journey to the White House. I know that he will restore honesty and integrity to the presidency, and offer Americans a leader they can believe in.

“I also commend Senator Hillary Clinton for her diligence and passion in this campaign. Her candidacy showed women around the world that they can aspire to any goal. She is a wonderful public servant and the American people are lucky to have Senator Clinton working on their behalf.

“Now, it is time for our party and our country to come together in support of Senator Obama. We must heal the wounds of this campaign and do what is best for our nation’s future. We are the party of change, the party of ideas. With Barack Obama as our leader, I am confident that we can put an end to the policies of yesterday – the policies that have diminished our standing on the world’s stage, damaged our environment, and spoiled our economy. Today, we begin to work towards a new, better reality for the American people. One where the American dream really means something to our children and our word means something to our allies around the world. As Senator Obama said last night, ‘this is our time.”

For old time's sake, here's video of congressman Larson's endorsement of Obama.

Jim Himes stands with Obama

4th CD Democratic candidate Jim Himes issued the following statement regarding the presumed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama:
"In Connecticut and across the nation, this campaign season has seen unprecedented turnout from voters young and old, black and white, rich and poor - all of them standing up in record numbers to say they are ready to turn the page on the failed policies of the past eight years.

"Hillary Clinton has run an historic campaign, and she and her supporters should be proud. As this process draws to a close, it is clear to me that the values that unite the Democratic Party, values that both Clinton and Obama share, are much stronger than what divides us.

"I am proud and excited to be running with Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee, and I will do everything I can to make sure we both win in November. Voters across our district and the nation have made it clear they are ready for new energy in Washington, not the same old politics of the past offered by John McCain and Chris Shays. Senator Obama has the vision, the new energy, and the ability to restore America to the values that made it great. As Congressman next January, I will bring that same energy to Washington to help President Obama deliver the real change voters are hoping for - fixing our economy, standing up for the middle class, bringing our troops home from Iraq, and reclaiming our standing in the world."

The next President of the United States

Monday, June 02, 2008

Nancy makes her choice...

...and picks Obama.
“Senator Barack Obama has helped to energize thousands upon thousands of Democrats in Connecticut and across the country. He has inspired the electorate and won their confidence by demonstrating sound judgment, strength of spirit, dedication to those in need, and belief in the transforming power of community. Although we are blessed to have two outstanding candidates for the Democratic nomination this year, Senator Obama was the choice of Connecticut Democrats on February 5th, and he is my choice to head the ticket in November.

“As Chairwoman of the State Democratic Party, I believe not only is it important for me to reflect the sentiment of our Party, but I also have a responsibility to endorse the candidate who will help unite the many voices of our Party in its commitment to change and to building a secure future for generations to come. Senator Obama offers Connecticut and our country a chance for such unity – at healing the divisions caused by years of war, deficits, and partisan wrangling. He shares Connecticut’s and our nation’s concern for building strong communities and re-building our economy ravaged by Republican policies.

“More fundamentally, Senator Obama understands the everyday struggles of Americans and is devoted to realizing the vision of a nation in which we and our families, friends and neighbors can earn a decent wage, secure affordable healthcare and housing, send our children to good schools, heat our homes, and breathe clean air. Senator Obama’s experience as a community activist and his record in Congress demonstrates his focus on these issues and his ability to effect change without becoming ensnared by and beholden to the political establishment.

“Senator Obama has built his campaign on an appeal to the deep-seated goodness of America – the goodness that all Americans intuitively understand. I would encourage every citizen of Connecticut to take a close look at Senator Obama’s policies for our State and our great country, and to make the right choice and VOTE OBAMA in November!”

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Now that's how you sing the National Anthem

Colbert and John Legend.

Clinton supporter unhinged

Tell us how you really feel about a black man running for president...

h/t to Jane for catching this meltdown on video.