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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More proof that Joe's planning to jump ship

Knowing that he'll lose the primary (believe me, the writing is on the wall) Joe's definately planning to claim that the Democratic party in Connecticut has been hijacked by the "looney left," jump ship, and "allow ALL the voters of Connecticut decide who they want as Senator."

Do you think Joe would allow one of his friends to go to the press and say something like this? This statement is no accident.

A prominent ally of U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman urged Monday that Lieberman run for re-election as an independent and not trust his career to left-leaning Democratic primary voters in August.

John F. Droney Jr., a former Democratic state chairman who helped Lieberman unseat Republican Sen. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. in 1988, said Lieberman should make his case for re-election to all voters in November.

"I think to be terrorized through the summer by an extremely small group of the Democratic Party, much less the voting population, is total insanity for a person who is a three-term senator," Droney said.

Keith is right, Joe's jumping ship and like keith said, Joe is going to claim that the Democratic party has been hijacked by the "looney left" and that he wants to allow all the voters to decide on November who they want as their senator.

Think I'm kidding? Listen to Keith again (carefully).

Now add that with the quote from Lieberman close friend...getting the message now?

Enough is enough. The voters on Connecticut deserve better than a senator who too chicken to support the winner of the primary (because he knows he going to lose). For Joe, it's all about Joe and his hubris is not only shameless, it's disgusting.

At this point, with Lieberman STILL refusing to support the winner of the primary, how can any Democrat in this state STILL support Joe?