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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer resigns

In the end, there really was no other choice for the governor.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer, reeling from revelations that he had been a client of a prostitution ring, announced his resignation today, becoming the first governor of New York to be forced from office in nearly a century.

Mr. Spitzer, appearing somber and with his wife at his side, said his resignation is to be effective Monday, and that Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson would be sworn in to replace him.

“I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me,” he said. “To every New Yorker, and to all those who believed in what I tried to stand for, I sincerely apologize.”

“Over the course of my public life, I have insisted — I believe correctly — that people regardless of their position or power take responsibility for their conduct,” he added. “I can and will ask no less of myself. For this reason, I am resigning from the office of governor.”

Hopefully, the healing process for his family can begin..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Russo wins Finch's seat

We lost this seat to the Republicans on a lie...capping the property tax is already dead in the water as any mayor and/or first selectman (Democrat or Republican) will tell you.
Republican Rob Russo, riding a potent message in support of Gov. Jodi Rell’s proposal to cap local property taxes at three percent, made the third time the charm as he defeated his Democratic opponent Tom Mulligan to win the state senate seat vacated by Mayor Bill Finch.
Here's the breakdown: Russo 3639: (62%) Mulligan: 2215 (38%)

I'll post video footage of the media wrap-up later as the networks are still working on their reports/interviews but you can kiss that super-majority in the senate goodbye.

With such a low turnout, questions about Finch's actions, which caused the need for the special election, are sure to be raised.

It's a black thing

"I'd like to take back my 1984 vote please."
Ferraro said, "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color), he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

It gets worse as Geraldine Ferraro goes batshit crazy against Senator Chris Dodd saying the senior senator supports Obama because "the guys stick together" while throwing the race card in Congressman Rosa DeLauro saying the reason for DeLauro supporting Obama is because of her black constituents.
Listen and puke.

If that isn't enough, the moron had to nerve to defend her remarks.
In a follow-up interview today, Ferraro said her company had been deluged with vicious e-mail messages accusing her of racism.

But far from backing off from her initial remark, Ferraro defended it and elaborated on it.

"Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let's address reality and the problems we're facing in this world, you're accused of being racist, so you have to shut up," Ferraro said. "Racism works in two different directions. I really think they're attacking me because I'm white. How's that?"

Asshole and more proof that the Clinton campaign will say and do anything to get elected.

As each day goes by, I'm losing more respect for our former first lady and band of misfits.

UPDATE: I hear ya Markos, Ferraro has a long history of this type of crap.

Apr. 1988:
And former representative Geraldine A. Ferraro (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that because of his "radical" views, "if Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race."

Asked about this at a campaign stop in Buffalo, Jackson at first seemed ready to pounce fiercely on his critics. But then he stopped, took a breath, and said quietly, "Millions of Americans have a point of view different from" Ferraro's.

Discussing the same point in Washington, Jackson said, "We campaigned across the South . . . without a single catcall or boo. It was not until we got North to New York that we began to hear this from Koch, President Reagan and then Mrs. Ferraro . . . . Some people are making hysteria while I'm making history."
I think we have a racist here folks...

UPDATE 2: Adding a bit of humor to the outrage...

Career killer

Lets just come out and say it...Spitzer is toast.
The New York Times, which broke the Spitzer story, has identified the 48-year-old politician [Elliot Spitzer] as Client-9. As described in the FBI document, Client-9 (clearly a repeat customer) apparently went to great lengths to arrange the illicit Washington encounter, choosing to mail money in advance to the ring, instead of using a credit card. Client-9, whose conversations were recorded by an FBI wiretap, would not do "traditional wire transferring," the affidavit quotes one Emperors Club employee remarking. Additionally, the affidavit notes that after her appointment with Client-9 ended, "Kristen" spoke with a Emperors Club booker, who said that she had been told that Client-9 "would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe..." "Kristen" responded by saying, essentially, that she could handle guys like that.
The Smoking Gun has the entire disturbing affidavit for viewing and it's not pretty.

Whether or not Spitzer was screwed by someone with an axe to grind does not excuse what he did nor is it a good enough defense for him to keep his job. I'll be the first to admit that the entire episode doesn't pass the smell test but if this was a Republican, you know there would be calls for his head.

Monday, March 10, 2008

NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer linked to prostetution ring

Whoa, NO ONE saw this one coming...

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month, according to a person briefed on the federal investigation.

An affidavit in the federal investigation into a prostitution ring said that a wiretap recording captured a man identified as Client 9 on a telephone call confirming plans to have a woman travel from New York to Washington, where he had reserved a hotel room. The person briefed on the case identified Mr. Spitzer as Client 9.

Mr. Spitzer today made a brief public appearance during which he apologized for his behavior, and described it as a “private matter.”

“I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family and violates my or any sense of right or wrong,” said Mr. Spitzer, who appeared with his wife Silda at his Manhattan office. “I apologize first and most importantly to my family. I apologize to the public to whom I promised better.”

“I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family.”
Whoa, I don't see how Spitzer survives this situation. We're taking about the modern day Elliot-Ness and the sheriff of Wall Street.

I'm TIVO monitoring the local NY stations and I'll update the site if anything happens (like Spitzer resigning).

NOTE: Spitzer is a super-delegate and supporter of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I'm surprised Tucker Carlson's barely watchable show lasted as long as it did.
Insiders tell TVNewser Tucker Carlson's 6pmET show Tucker is getting the axe, but Carlson stays on as a political contributor to all MSNBC shows at least through the 2008 election. The official announcement, expected tomorrow, will include details about who will replace Tucker at 6pmET as well as other political programming additions. Sources say the network is going to beef up its schedule with more NBC News talent.

In recent days, Jossip, as well as other blogs, ratcheted up the talk that Tucker would be replaced "for a new project." In its 33-month run, Carlson's show has had two names, four time slots and multiple formats. At 6pmET, it builds on its Harbdall lead-in on some days, but loses audience on others.

Carlson is expected to host the show through next week, with his new role and title to take effect March 17. We're told he'll also be reporting from the campaign trail.
In honor of this moment, I present to you Carlson during his final days at Crossfire when he was confronted with another person who had enough of his antics.

Reason #1534 why Florida's Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is my favorite Democrat in Congress

When will the wingnuts learn: It's not nice to mess around with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Congressman from Florida's 20 District has a habit of making Republican hacks look like fools and today was no exception. On FOXNoise Sunday, Brit Hume had Rep. Wasserman Schultz on to talk about Florida's efforts to resolve their convention delegation problem with the DNC.

In typical FOXNews style, Hume attempted to accuse Florida's Democratic legislature for pushing up the date of their state's Presidential primary. Known as someone who doesn't put up with bullshit, as you'll see in the video clip, Rep. Wasserman Schultz quickly dismisses Hume before he can get going while whacking him upside the head with the facts.

She shoots...she scores!

If only we had more Democrats who were bold enough to directly confront misinformation from the noise machine like Florida's Congresswoman.

Message of hated should NEVER be tolerated and a call to action

Meet Oklahoma State House Rep Sally Kern otherwise known as the latest anti-gay homobigoted jackass to be caught red-handed putting her foot in her mouth.

Following in the footsteps of Danbury's cable access talking head bigoted hate-mongers and ultra anti-immigrant political boneheads whose true colors were exposed to the public, unaware that her conversation was bring recorded, Rep. Kern let her hair down and went on one of the most disgusting anti-gay rants ever.

Pam's House Blend has the disgusting details:
Mother of god, this is horrible. We nominate to the patheon of homo hate Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (sallykern@okhouse.gov). She didn't know that she was being recorded in a meeting, so we get the a nice insight about what she thinks of her gay and lesbian constituents. Perhaps she doesn't think she has any.

About 30 seconds into this homobigoted, fact-free, BS screed, Rep. Kern actually says how she doesn't hate gays (of course not!), then proceeds to continue on her tirade of filth.

Some tidbits:

Studies show, no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades. . .

I honestly think it's the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.

They want to get them into the government schools so they can indoctrinate them.


They are going after our young children, as young as two years of age, to try to teach them that the homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable lifestyle.

You know, gays are infiltrating city councils...did you know that the city council of Eureka Springs is now controlled by gays -- they are winning elections.

One of my colleagues said We don't have a gay problem in our community...well you know what, that is so dumb. If you have cancer in your little toe, do you just say that I'm going to forget about it since the rest of you is fine? It spreads! This stuff is deadly and it is spreading. It will destroy our young people and it will destroy this nation.

Just as in the case of Danbury former Majority Leader, the anti-immigrant Pauline Basso and Oklahoma native and Danbury Planning Commission member Joel Urice's racially insensitive anti-immigrant emails, the backlash from Kern's remarks are overwhelming.
Members of the metro's gay community are finding it hard to believe Kern also says homosexuality is a bigger threat than terrorism.

"What she's saying is outrageous, and completely a betrayal of the public trust for someone who is elected to a public office," Reverend Scott Jones of the Cathedral of Hope said.


Reverend Jones says Kern's rant is filled with everything but the truth. "Historical errors, psychological errors, scriptural errors, and just one thing after another that she makes in that speech," Jones said.

A number of those attending say they plan to write, e-mail and call Representative Kern's office first thing Monday morning and they're urging the rest of America to do the same.
Please help us let Rep. Kern know that we heard her message out and clear by signing up at the Victory Fund's website.

...I wonder of Rep. Kern's response to her stupidity will be better than Danbury's own political cowboy from "The Sooner State"?