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Friday, April 25, 2008

Shock and Awe

In honor of those who came out to protest the Bush/Kissinger/Cappiello/Shays shamefest.

The criminal in chief is in town

In honor of the three trillion dollar man's visit to Connecticut (at taxpayer's expense), here's the rundown:

Well, I'm off to the big show! I'll be back with the goodies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Introducing John Hartwell

Cross post from HatCityBLOG

Recently, Democratic 26th District State Senate candidate John Hartwell made an appearance on the local access show "Bethel Today" where he talked about why he's running for office.

In light of current senator Judith Freedman announcing her retirement, here's your chance to learn more about the Hartwell as the statewide campaign season kicks into full gear.

Amann not seeking re-election

Just got word that House Speaker Jim Amann announced that he will not be seeking re-election.

More on this later...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes, I'm serious...

...this guy is running for Congress against John Larson.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards repsonds to cheap shot charge from McCain

Angry John McCain was in rare mode Sunday.

Calling Elizabeth Edwards critique of his health care fraud a cheap shot, John McCain explains why people with pre-existing conditions are pretty much screwed.

In response to McBush's nonsense, Edwards had this to say about the so-called cheap-shot.
John McCain accused me of taking a “cheap shot” on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” yesterday for noting that people with preexisting conditions, such as he and I have, would not be able to get health care under his plan –- and that he perhaps was not as sensitive to this problem as he should be since he has been in government health care his whole life.

Sen. McCain noted that he was not receiving government health care for the six years he was in captivity. That is true. But it has nothing to do with my point — which is that the problem with Sen. McCain’s health care plan is not how it affects us –- but how it affects the tens of millions of Americans with preexisting conditions who, unlike Sen. McCain and myself, do not have the resources to pay for quality health care.

That is not a cheap shot, it is a potentially life and death question for tens of million of Americans. And it is a question Sen. McCain must address.

McCain’s health care plan is centered around the idea that we’d be better off if more Americans bought health coverage on their own, rather than receiving it through a job or government program. But maybe since he has never purchased insurance in the individual market, he does not know the challenge it presents for Americans with preexisting conditions.

A recent study showed that nearly nine out of every ten people seeking individual coverage on the private insurance market never got it. Insurers will disqualify you for just taking certain medicines because of the possibility of future costs, including common drugs as Lipitor, Zocor, Nexium, and Advair. People who have had cancer are denied coverage and those who get cancer run the risk of simply being dropped by their insurer for any excuse that can be found. And insurers make it a practice to deny coverage to individuals in high risk occupations, such as firefighting, lumber work, telecom installation, and pretty much anything more risky than working in an office.

McCain opposes universal health care because he claims it represents a “big government takeover and mandates.” But yesterday, he said he would help cover people with preexisting conditions by creating a “special Medicaid trust fund.”

A “special Medicaid trust fund”? Talk about a big government takeover. Tens of millions of Americans have preexisting conditions. If he is going to expand Medicaid to cover Americans with preexisting conditions, he is talking about a massive, massive increase in the Medicaid program. He says he opposes more government involvement in health care, but his idea really would be government-run health care.

My questions is: why is he doing this? If he is so concerned about expanding government’s role in health care, why doesn’t he just tell the insurance industry that they have to cover people with preexisting conditions? Why is he more concerned about protecting the insurance industry –- an industry which, by the way, his corporate tax cut plan gives a $1.9 billion tax cut to –- than the tens of millions Americans with preexisting conditions?

Judith Freedman retires

Nice for the mainstream media to catch up to something My Left Nutmeg reported on TWO WEEKS AGO.

People of Bethel and Ridgefield can take a sigh of relief as their State Senator for the 26th district is calling it quits.
Calling her 22-year career as State Senator for the 26th District “challenging but very rewarding,” Judith Freedman, 69, of Westport, announced she would not seek re-election this fall.

On the steps of Wilton Town Hall Monday morning, flanked by long-time supporters, fellow legislators and friends, Ms. Freedman endorsed the candidacy of State Rep. Toni Boucher, 58, of the 143rd District in Wilton and Norwalk, to replace her.

“There are always compelling reasons to make one want to stay in this job, but this is the time for me to move ahead and for someone else to take up the torch,” Sen. Freedman said. “After a great deal of thought, soul searching and consultation with my husband, I have decided not to seek re-election for the State Senate.”

“I am proud of the record I forged on your behalf. Whatever I have done, it has always been with and for the people of the 26th,” she added.
Boucher, who is best known for her emotionally over-the-top opposition to the use of medical marijuana, will be facing a great challenger in Democratic challenger John Hartwell.

Hartwell, former Congressional district coordinator for Howard Dean and treasurer for Ned Lamont, attracted attention recently when he reached goal needed to qualify for public financing under Connecticut's new Citizen Election Program. He was also interviewed on the local access show "Bethel Today" last week and for those who want to know more about him, I'll post that show here later this week.

Matt over at My Left Nutmeg has more on today's "official" announcement including what this means for Boucher's State Rep. seat.

UPDATE: The John Hartwell campaign released the following statement regarding Freedman's retirement:
I'd like to thank Senator Freedman for her years of service to the 26th District, and particularly for her work advancing educational opportunities in Connecticut.

2008 is shaping up as a huge year of change, both nationally and locally. We need new leadership to deliver affordable health care for small businesses, to bring tax dollars back from Hartford to invest in our overburdened transportation system, and to promote environmentally responsible economic growth.

This race presents a real opportunity for a vigorous discussion of the issues facing our state, and I call upon whoever becomes the Republican nominee to join me in a series of debates about how to move Connecticut forward.

As previously announced, my fund raising efforts across the seven towns that make up the 26th has resulted in an outpouring of support that will qualify me for public financing through the new Citizens' Election Program. There is a real desire for a change from politics as usual, and I offer a fresh approach to bringing an effective voice to the people of this district.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What happened to the flag John?

Funny how Stephanopoulos didn't question McCain on not wearing an American Flag pin huh?

(h/t to Crooks and Liars).

John McCain: True hypocrite

It seems like Sean Hannity George Stephanopoulos couldn't resist devoting the majority of his interview with John McCain on a real HOT BUTTON topic that on EVERYONE'S mind.

The war in Iraq? No.

The economy? No.

Torture? No.

What's the big issue? You guess it, patriotism.

We get to see the Republican's hypocritical nominee doing what he does best as he bashes Barack Obama while at the same time glossing over the skeletons in his closet.

So lets see, John McCain OPENLY seeks the support of an anti-catholic pastor who claims that God will send terrorists to create a "bloodbath" in America for its support of a two state solution in Israel/Palestine...and he has the NERVE to say Barack Obama is the one with issues?

For those who are not familiar with the words of John McCain's BFF John Hagee, this clip provides all the information you'll ever need.

True patriot...true hypocrite.