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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lieberman losing ground, campaign falling apart

Well, this might explain why Joe's planning to bolt the party.
A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Lieberman leading primary challenger Ned Lamont (D) by just six percentage points, 46% to 40%.

There are some issues with the poll, such as a small sample size (218) and large margin of error (7%), but the results are a clear sign that Lamont is gaining traction.
The writing is on the wall...Lieberman's campaign is going down in flames. His pathetic attempt to paint Lamont as a Republican is an insult and probably the dumbest campaign move I've seen in all my years of following politics and it seems like no one is buying his message.
Seeking to lambaste Ned Lamont, Lieberman's primary opponent, the senator's staff and admirers reach into the Bush-Cheney-Coulter playbook. No less a light than Sean Smith, Lieberman's campaign manager offers the bizarre, Orwellian, Bushian assault on the foe:

"The only public record this guy [Lamont] has, he voted time and again like a Republican," Smith said. "Why would we support that?" He said Lieberman would not promise to support Lamont, because the businessman voted frequently with Republicans as a local official in Greenwich.

Excuse us, but Lieberman is in a pickle today exactly because he so proudly, openly, happily, repeatedly, madly voted like a Republican. In fact, we have barely his word for it that he is a Democrat at all. The president kissed him, for cryeye. When you're getting smootched like some Brokeback cowboy by a Republican, it barely works to criticize your opponent for voting like a Republican in some town school board matter when, the lipstick still damp, you've been knee-jerking along voting for Iraq and supporting the Bush war on Social Security and a million other things.

Lieberman says it takes courage to be as wrong as he's been. Maybe. It takes some common sense, though, not to try to blame your opponent for doing what you've been doing so vigorously for so long.

But when you lie down with Republicans you get up with GOP fleas. It is a hallmark of the Bush Compassion to eye-gouge and kidney-punch a foe to his knees and the truth or logic doesn't count. If Lamont once voted like a Republican you could imagine that the Republicans' favorite "Democratic" senator would clap him on the back in admiration. Instead, they try to make a charge out of something the senator himself has been doing again and again.
You see Joe, you're only have yourself to blame. You days of undermining the Democratic Party is coming back to bite you in the ass big time.

You hubris and outright arrogance blinded you to the fact that you should of taken Ned Lamont seriously months ago but now it's too late. The trend is in Lamont's favor and there simply isn't enough diners for you to do photo-ops to make a difference. Your silly attempt to paint Ned Lamont as a Republican is only pissing more undecided voters off and drawing more attention to Lamont.

The more attention Lamont receives, the less popular Lieberman looks to primary voters.

Joe, Lamont is going to beat you in the primary and you know it. The writing is on the wall and your internal numbers tell you the story...you're screwed.

The only quesiton that remains is when will your campaign start to collect signatures for your independent bid (and which Democratis leaders will assist you in your indy run).

At this point, any Democratic leaders in Connecticut who help your independent campaign should be booted right out of the party pronto.