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Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'll be back

Many of you have been wondering what happened to me on this site.

Well, to tell you the truth, I've been really busy covering the Danbury campaign on my other site, HatCityBLOG. For those who don't know, Danbury is caught in the grips of a battle over illegal immigration. Well, should I say a battle over xenophobia because we have some people in our area who are really out there (going as far as to suggest that immigrants should be shot and killed).

The Republican Majority Leader and a member of the Planning Commission (both rabid anti-immigrant mouthpieces) were recently caught forwarding a series of racist emails to other elected officials and friends. Instead of showing any senses of leadership, the mayor, Mark Boughton, ran away from the media on the day the news broke and has not called on either one of the individuals to resign.

To make matters worse, Boughton was named as one of the elected-officials who collected illegal campaign contributions from trash-mob connected James Galante. When asked about the donations, Boughton offered a laundry list of excuses that are laughable at best when you look at the evidence.

That's just the tip of the iceberg...I'm not even going into how a local TV show host threatened my life on the air and called me a series of racial slurs, how I unearthed that a weekly newspaper, which was long rumored to be in bed with Mayor Boughton, contributed over 400 dollars to the mayor's campaign this year, how I improved my videoblogging skills by streaming live video, etc, etc.

Basically, Danbury has turned into the armpit of Connecticut and if you want to see me at my best, I encourage you to check out HatCityBLOG. I'll be back up to full speed here after the municipal elections next Tuesday.

FYI: For those who want to see Boughton's challenger in the race for mayor, Democrat Helena Abrantes, you can check out her interactive website by clicking here.