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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chris Dodd does the Situation Room

In wake of the government intelligence analysis on how the War in Iraq has made the threat of terrorism against the United States worse, Senator Dodd made an appearance on the Situation Room and talked about the report, his campaign, and answering questions on whether or not he would consider taking the Vice President post.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tom Bennett's state of denial is an insult to everyone's intellegence

(In an effort to educate people about the anti-immigrant community in Danbury, here's an important cross-post from HatCityBLOG)

It seems like local talk show hosts Tom Bennett and John McGowan are either suffering from a case of memory loss or are just trying to insult the public's intelligence.

For those who are not aware, for some time, Bennett and co-hosts John McGowan (Vice President of Elise Marciano's local anti-immigration group) and a coward, who too afraid to get in front of the camera, that goes by the name "Bones", have constantly  used the television airwaves to spread hate-speech, racism, homophboia and violence against immigrants. Due to their profane and indecent language, which repeatedly violated the rules and regulations set forth by Comcast, we here at HatCityBLOG called upon Comcast to terminate Bennett contract and remove his show, BigT Talk and Variety" from the local access lineup.

Recently, due to readers complaining to Comcast, the higher-ups at the cable company finally took action and sent Bennett a written warning.

Also, after my testimony in front of the cable advisory board, the members of the committee ruled Bennett's show as "adult content" and advised Comcast to move his show from it's current spot time slot of Friday from 9-10 PM to Friday from 10-11 PM.

Since Comcast issued the warning, Bennett and his whack-pack have been on a crusade  to back peddle from their statements as well as Bennett repeatedly stating that he "hopes" someone violent assults yours truly. In what can only be described as laughable, Bennett and McGowan recollection of their outrageous (if not criminal) statements are an insult to everyone's intelligence and symbolizes what happens when people stand up to xenophobes and bigots who think they can say whatever they want without any sense of accountability.

For your viewing pleasure, I took the effort to make a little video montage that sets the record straight (WARNING: Adult content).

Bennett and his co-hosts clearly don't get the message. The consistent threats issued on this "adult" show towards the members of the immigrant community are not only extremely dangerous, but could lead to an innocent person getting hurt by one of Bennett's deranged anti-immigrant fans. Please tell Comcast that anyone who advocates killing another group of people should be immediately removed from the airwaves (if not investigated by the authorities).

Dave King: Comcast Head Coordinator:

Phone: 203-792-1265

Email: Dave_King@cable.comcast.com

Candiann Roswell: Comcast Coordinator:

Phone: 203-792-1265

Email: Candiann_Roswell2@cable.comcast.com

When emailing Comcast, please cc hatcityblog@blogspot.com and we'll post your message on the site (personal information will not be published).