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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday night with Coltrane and the Duke


DiNardo outed

Seems like State Central Nancy DiNardo is quite pissed down in DC over her being outed for being at Joe Lieberman's election victory celebration.
Of course, it would also be inappropriate for the head of the State Democratic Party to attend the party celebrating the inauguration of a candidate who defeated the Democratic Party candidate for Senate. But I’ve also heard that Nancy DiNardo was celebrating Ned Lamont’s defeat along with other Lieberman supporters at Lieberman’s inaugural party in DC. If this is true, we just got suckered into another term of being “led” by someone who thinks it’s okay to celebrate the defeat of her own party’s candidate. Nice!
Now, this wasn't new news since I heard that she as well as other Democrats such as my favorite State Senator Bill Finch made the trip to DC to kiss Joe's ring. It's just laughable when people like DiNardo, Finch, Jim "I'll crush you" Amann, and our favorite drinking buddy Pat Dillon, get all pissy when they're so-called loyality towards the Democratic Party is EXPOSED.

Lets take it a notch. Spazeboy asks the question, lets see if DiNardo repsonds.
Ms. DiNardo, what’s in it for you? There must be a reasonable explanation why you continue to support Joe Lieberman, despite your official capacity as chairwoman of the party whose candidates he actively campaigned against.
Same ol' Democratic leadership running the show in CT...nothing has changed.

ALways remember, change starts at the DTC level.

A Ken Krayeske history lesson


1. Krayeske's name was somehow placed on a secret list.

2. A flyer with his full description was distributed among the State and Hartford Police Department.

3. Krayekse was arrested, held on 75,000 BAIL, and was later released (AFTER THE GOVERNOR'S BALL WAS OVER) on a promise to appear in court.

4. The police report contradicts several witnesses who saw the arrest as well as Krayeske's time stamp ON HIS PHOTOGRAPHS.

5. I could go on and on and on...just watch the video and maybe you'll begin to get a better understanding about why Krayeske was singled out.

Friday, February 02, 2007

DNC winter meeting

Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm working on the video from teh DNC winter meeting right now. Head over to My Left Nutmeg as the great Maura is in attendance at the meeting and is providing all the details.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

They can't talk about it

Only serious questions please.
Only in Boston.

BTW: The "suspicious" boxes were all over Boston for the LAST TWO WEEKS.

These guys were DOING A JOB. Wanna blame anyone, blame Turner Broadcasting for not giving Boston's finest the heads up.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molly Ivins 1944-2007

A great, great, great person has passed away.
Syndicated political columnist Molly Ivins died of breast cancer Wednesday evening at her home in Austin. She was 62 years old, and had much, much more to give this world.

She remained cheerful despite Texas politics. She emphasized the more hilarious aspects of both state and national government, and consequently never had to write fiction. She said, "Good thing we’ve still got politics—finest form of free entertainment ever invented."

Marion's new man is doing a heck of a job

With silly talk like this coming from Senator Biden, it seems like former Lieberman spokesgoof Marion Steinfels will be out of a job soon.

On Obama:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man."

I guess these former African-American candidates aren't what Biden would call "articulate."

'72 Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm.

'84 Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson.

2004 Presidential candidate Al Sharpton.

Nice way to start your Presidential race senator. Can't wait to see you and Marion in New Hampshire.

UPDATE: How could I forget this goodie. Thank you Scarce for the reminder.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Obama: withdraw the troops by 2008


Tillman media coverage

Following up on my post regarding the passing of Emma Faust Tillman, here's Fox 61 report on the former longest living woman in the world.

InauguRELLgate scandal: Media coverage of Krayeske rally

Finally the lies will be exposed.

Today starts the beginning of freelance journalist/blogger Ken Krayeske's trial. This morning, supporters on Krayeske held a rally in his honor outside Hartford Superior Court. Channel 8 was on the scene and filed this report.

UPDATE: Here are reports from Channel 3 and 30 (5:30PM).

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stop the escalation

God bless Gen. Wes Clark. This ad is being pushed in the six home states of the Republicans on Foreign Relations Committee that voted against the Levin/Biden/Hagel resolution.

Very powerful.

So off topic...but needs to be said.

I just read that East Hartford's Emma Faust Tillman pass away at the age of 114. The daughter of slaves, I remember watching CNN when they reported that Tillman was just named the oldest living person in the world last week. In fact, until just recently, Tillman walked on her own and had a pretty independent life.

Her story is touching because my great-grandfather, who was also very independent, lived until 105 and made a living as a Pullman Porter. He was also the primary contributor to the novel "Raising From the Rails: Pullman Porters and the making of the black middle class" by Boston Globe Reporter Larry Tye (for those who don't understand the importance Pullman Porters had on African American society, I'll go into more detail about this topic during Black History month in February).

I was very fortunate to have my great-grandfather around until recently as I learned a great deal of important information about my family's past from conversations he had with our family. He knew how important his memories were to the family and made it a mission to pass as much knowledge down to everyone as possible. I'll always love him for sharing those important memories and will do everything in my power to make sure my daughter shares in that knowledge.

As African-American, being able to track back your family history to the slave trade is a VERY VERY RARE thing. Eventually, based on the information passed on from my great-grandfather, I'm sure my family will one day be able to trace back where in Africa we originated (and trust me, the day I'm able to go back to the area where my ancestors were captured from will be the greatest day of my life).

I can only imagine the knowledge Ms. Tillman passed down to her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and God bless Ms Tillman for having a such wonderful full life.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The predictable adventures of Lieberman (D/I-CT)

Who didn't see this one coming...
I swear I just heard some "Independent Democrat" on Fox News Sunday say that he'd consider voting for a Republican presidential candidate in 2008 because the single issue of Iraq and "War on Terror" was just that important to him that it would override everything else.


"I'm open to supporting a Democrat, Republican, or even an Independent if there's a strong one," the U.S. Senator from Connecticut told "Fox News Sunday."

"You make a decision based on a whole range of issues. But obviously, the positions that some candidates have taken in Iraq troubles me. Obviously, I will be looking at what positions they take in the larger war against Islamist terrorism."

Update 2: Yes, the Last Honest Man's opinion has changed drastically since just this past summer. From the July debate:

LIEBERMAN: That's why I say [Lamont] is running a single issue campaign. Every campaign, as President Clinton reminded us, is about the future. And what I'm saying to the people of Connecticut, I can do more for you and your families to get something done to make health care affordable, to get universal health insurance, to make America energy independent, to save your jobs and create new ones. That's what the Democratic Party is all about.

He is a single issue candidate who is applying a litmus test to me. It's not good enough to be 90 percent voting with my colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus. He wants 100 percent. And when a party does that, it's the beginning of the defeat of that party.

And, the kicker:
I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington and elect a Democratic president in 2008. This man and his supporters will frustrate and defeat our hopes of doing that.