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Friday, May 11, 2007

Another religious conservative Bush supporter approves a McCain-Lieberman third party ticket

The drumbeat for a third-party McCain-Lieberman ticket keeps going among the religious allies of President Bush.

From Thursday's Hardball, here's Reverend Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention giving the thumbs up to Team Joementum 2008.

For those who want more information on Lund, Media Matters has all the goodies and it's worth the read.

Mr, President, you did not listen...

From Vote Vets.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

...And here's something for Brian S. Brown, FIC-Head

MLN's tessa tears into Family Institute of Connecticut over there latest attempt to scrap the same-sex marriage bill.

This just in from the Family Institute:

Tell Your State Senator and State Representative: Vote No on Same-Sex "Marriage"

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our May 23rd Rally and Lobby Day for Marriage, which begins at 10:00 a.m. on the steps of the state capitol in Hartford. Your willingness to fight for the protection of marriage will make the difference between victory and defeat--and pro same-sex "marriage" activists know it.

Then they quote from Love Makes a Family's Anne Stanback (email from Monday, May 7) ---

Here's an excerpt from one of their messages:

Opponents of marriage equality, who are well organized and well funded, have been generating huge numbers of calls and emails and supporters must show our support too.

Pro-family voters are doing such a good job making their voices heard that our opponents are forced into claiming it's because FIC is "well-funded." In fact, we are vastly outfunded by our opposition.

Then it gets funny:

Consider this excerpt from a Courant column on a pro same-sex "marriage" fundraiser held last month:

While those at the Bushnell were getting their groove thing going, Love Makes a Family's "Eat, Drink & Be Married" event had a whole lot of dinner parties going on around town, aimed at raising money to continue efforts toward marriage equality for same-sex couples.

At the West End home of Michael Wilson (Hartford Stage's artistic director) and his partner, Jeff Cowie, the theme was "Let's Stick Together" and dinner did that - literally. From asparagus-studded choux pastry puffs to Korean beef, all of the food was served - you've got it - on a stick.

  "The seven cooks in the kitchen has been a challenge," said Wilson, who was more than willing to show off the 105-year-old house that was once the residence of Life magazine photographer Arthur Rickerby and his author wife, Wanda Rickerby.

Unlike our opponents, FIC does not owe its success to an ability to put seven cooks in one kitchen. Whatever we have accomplished we owe to you: your willingness to pray for us, to contact your legislators, to attend our rallies and to donate to our matching grant campaigns.

In fact, the difficulty in meeting our matching grant campaign goal of $50,000 by the end of this month is making it harder for us to stop same-sex "marriage" and other threats to the family. That's why we need your help.

While I encourage everyone to read the rest of Tessa's quote, I have to show you the video she dedicated to FIC mouthpiece, Brian Brown.
And here's something for Brian S. Brown, FIC-Head:


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Bridgeport Mayor Fabrizi will not seek re-election

Disgraced State Senator Ernest Newton, disgraced Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi, and
State Senator (and Libercrat) Bill Finch

Looks like another member of team Joementum and one third of "Bridgeport's Three Amigos," bites the dust.
Mayor John M. Fabrizi, who took over the city's top job in the midst of a federal corruption scandal, but whose own tenure as mayor was rocked by controversy over personal behavior, has decided not to seek re-election.

"I will not seek another term as your mayor," the mayor said in brief remarks Tuesday afternoon at City Hall Annex.

He said that he intends to serve out his term, which ends Nov. 30, to finish projects already under way "and to move this city even further ahead."

he 50-year-old Democrat was facing a tough campaign to win a second full term this year in the wake of his admission last year that he had abused illegal drugs and alcohol while in office. Compounding that problem, in March he spoke in court on behalf of a 22-year-old man convicted of having sex with and twice impregnating a 13-year-old girl at the man's sentencing.

In the wake of both controversies, Fabrizi repeatedly offered public apologies for his behavior, but the criticism has been harsh and unrelenting.

District leaders of the Democratic Town Committee, meeting privately over the weekend, reportedly voted strongly against the mayor serving as the party's standard-bearer in the November election.
Like the mayors before him, Fabrizi is just another in a long list of corrupt and disgraced politicians from Bridgeport and no one should shed a tear for him.

Latest VideoVets T.V. ad released

MoveOn.org released there latest VideoVets television ad today...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lieberman ripped to shreds in editorial

Ouch. Someone just got whack upside the head...

They fancy themselves grand unifiers, yet they inspire more bitterness than anyone. They have built reputations of bipartisanship, but don't realize how much anger their actions generate. A war people hate will do that.


At least, though, Shays seems genuinely torn. Our junior senator, on the other hand, spends his time lecturing us on how we should all be nicer to each other — unless, apparently, his job is at stake. This is the man who had this to say last year about his opponent's push to end the war: "It will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England. It will strengthen them and they will strike again."

Sen. Joe Lieberman set it up as a vote between him and the terrorists. And he had the nerve to host a seminar on "civility" last week in Washington.

"The disease is partisanship," he said. "The lack of civility is one of the symptoms of that disease."

It may be hard to understand for someone who thinks of himself as above all that, but politics is partisanship. People align themselves with different parties because they have different beliefs, and different ideas. Not everyone agrees on the best way to, say, fund education or conduct foreign policy — or prevent terrorism. What kind of a political world are we looking for with no partisanship?

Maybe he wants the kind we had for most of the past six years. With one party running the legislative and executive branches, there was no oversight, no accountability, and now we're stuck in the middle of a war — we can't stay and we can't leave. Maybe more partisanship could have avoided all this.

Lieberman leads the Senate committee on government affairs, but apparently avoiding the "partisan politics of polarization," as he calls it, is a good excuse not to do his job. Campaigning last year, he said he would make sure the Bush administration turned over records on internal White House deliberations — likely to embarrass the president — from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. After the election, he changed his mind.

"We don't want to play 'gotcha' anymore," Lieberman said in January when word came out he was backing off his pre-election promise. "We want to get the aid and assistance to the people of the region who need it," as though the two were mutually exclusive.


The leader of the House version of Lieberman's committee is Rep. Henry Waxman of California. Armed with subpoena power, Waxman has already delved into the Pentagon propaganda operation, which fictionalized the stories of Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman; he's investigating the parallel e-mail system that may have allowed White House political staff to avoid laws on preserving communications; and he wants answers from the top about the lies leading up to the Iraq invasion. There is no chance of seeing similar investigations in the Senate committee — Lieberman knows which voters got him back into office last year, and they weren't Democrats. But he can take credit for one achievement. He succeeded in getting Republicans and Democrats to alternate seats with one another around the dais when they meet in committee, rather than splitting up on one side or the other. All the better for civility.

If the self-appointed arbiter of all things bipartisan is going to turn his back on doing the job he was elected to do, he can at least make sure everyone is nice to each other.

Lamont returns Kerry's favor, targets Lieberman's buddy in Maine

I'm happy to say that I voted for him!
Last fall, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., came to Connecticut to help Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont in his bid to unseat veteran Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Lamont is now returning the favor. He and the Massachusetts Democrat are teaming up to target Republican senators they say are blocking efforts to end the Iraq war.


"Last year, Connecticut Democrats heard my call for an end to the war in Iraq and nominated me to be their U.S. Senate candidate," Lamont wrote. "The pundits derided our campaign, but John Kerry had my back."

The Greenwich businessman joined Kerry’s effort to defeat four GOP senators up for re-election in 2008. The pair is targeting Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, John Sununu of New Hampshire, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Norm Coleman of Minnesota.


In an e-mail last week, Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, criticized "Roadblock Republicans" for opposing a bill passed by the Democratic-run Senate to set a deadline for bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq. Lamont followed up with his own e-mail.

"The activist energy of the 2006 campaign moved the entire national debate on Iraq," Lamont wrote. "It’s time for another burst of activist energy to move the issue forward in GOP territory, and I’m proud to join John Kerry in calling on you to apply some pressure to the Republican caucus."
With the "kiss of death" endorsement from Holy Joe Lieberman, and the effort to give Collins her pink slip from Lamont and Kerry, Joe Lieberman's favorite senator from Maine is going to have a very long and difficult campaign on her hands.

State Senator David Cappiello does "Beyond the Headlines"

(cross post from HatCityBLOG)

Danbury State Senator Republican David Cappiello recently announced that he's challenging newly elected Congressman Chris Murphy for the 5th District Congressional seat.

The Danbury native and loyal supporter of former Congresswoman Nancy "Queen of shaking the special-interest money tree" Johnson recently made an appearance on WTIC's "Beyond the Headlines" to explain why he's throwing his hat into the race just a few months after Murphy was officially sworn into office.

Now, although Cappiello has about as much chance in beating Murphy as me cutting off my hair, his logic in throwing his hat in the Congressional race makes common sense when you see what he's going up against.
Just three months into his first two-year term, Chris Murphy has had 11 fundraising events that have helped net him $419,700 for a 2008 re-election campaign.


The first campaign finance reports of 2007, which cover the Jan. 1-March 31 period, showed Murphy, D-5th District, had $440,048 on hand; Courtney, D-2nd District, had $286,784; and Shays, R-4th District, banked $185,397. These sums indicate what they've raised this year, anything left from their 2006 campaigns, minus what they've spent on re-election efforts.


Democratic leaders have made it clear they want a lot of cash and they want it now. In a Jan. 23 memo to "interested parties," Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told such vulnerable members as Murphy and Courtney, both of whom won close races last year, to have $650,000 to $1 million in the bank by June 30.

Given that the 5th district was a battleground district in 2006, expect the Democrats to fight like hell to keep the seat in 2008. Cappiello knows this and therefore, his only choice is to announce his intentions now and basically cross his fingers.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Stand Up For Health Care" video report

I posted a round-up report on yesterday's "Stand up for Change" rally for universal health care over at My Left Nutmeg, which I encourage everyone to read.

TParty pointed to this video footage from the rally, which I wanted to share with everyone.