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Friday, June 16, 2006

Question for our local Democratic officials and candidates

(due to recent events, I've decided to bump this post to the top)

In light of Joe Lieberman planning to jump ship and run as a Independent against Ned Lamont, I think it's appropriate ask our Democratic local officials and candidates this simple (and easy) question.

"Will you support the Democratic candidate for Senate in November?"

Don't you think it's time to get our officials on record stating whether they'll support the Democratic candidate for Senate? We'll I do and I know of many others who feel the same way so we're going to do somehting about it.

Help me get our Democratic officials on record. Call your local officials, Gubernatorial and Congressional candidates and find out where they stand on this important issue. Send me an email (or drop the response in the comment section of this post) and I'll compile a list of officials and candidates who are sticking on with the Democratic candidate, ones who are jumping ship with Lieberman, and the ones who are undecided (or on the fence).

If Joe's bolting, don't you think it's important to know which Democrats are bolting the party with him?

Here's a partial list. A more comprehensive list by clicking here (will be updated throughout the day).

I'll keep you updated with the responses as I get the results so come back and check often.

John DeStefano - Governor - candidate

Dan Malloy - Governor - candidate
203-978-9019 dan@danmalloy.com

Kevin Sullivan - Lt. Governor
860-524-7384 ltgovernor.sullivan@ct.gov

Susan Bysiewicz - Secretary of State

Denise Nappier - State Treasurer
800-618-3404 state.treasurer@po.state.ct.us

Nancy Wyman - State Comptroller
860-702-3300 comptroller.wyman@po.state.ct.us

Dick Blumenthal - Attorney General
860-808-5318 attorney.general@po.state.ct.us

Christopher J. Dodd - Senator

John B. Larson - Congress

Joe Courtney - Congress - candidate

Rosa L. DeLauro - Congress

Diane G. Farrell - Congress - candidate

Chris Murphy - Congress - candidate
860-223-5522 campaign@murphyforcongress.org