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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Selfish Lieberman

Sidney Blumenthal clearly gets the message and explains why Lieberman's gameplan is bad news for all Democrats.
Lieberman can only win by securing almost all the Republican votes. His campaign must pull Republican votes to the polls, courtesy of the national GOP on which his ambition has become dependent. That can have a drastically negative effect on the Democratic campaigns in the three Connecticut congressional districts where Republican representatives are at risk. Those three seats comprise 1/5 of the total number of 15 that Democrats need to gain the House. Out of necessity Lieberman has become an active obstacle to Democratic victory and one of the key bulwarks for protecting Bush's one-party rule essential for remaining unaccountable for the rest of his presidency. For Bush, that is the importance of Lieberman.
Bingo, give that man a prize.

You see, the only thing Joe Lieberman cares about is...Joe Lieberman.

Screw Chris Murphy.

Screw Diane Farrell.

Screw Joe Courtney.

Screw John DeStefano.

Screw the Democratic Party.

Lieberman (R-CT)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Want a different course?

Vote Democratic.

Lieberman hires Republican pollster

Here's more evidence that Joe Lieberman is no longer a Democrat and counting on Republicans to get him re-elected.

The Lieberman campaign's new pollster is Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies. You can see some of Public Opinion Strategies' other Senate clients here. You won't find any Democrats.
Joe Lieberman (R-CT)

It's time for Amann to step down as Speaker of the House

After reading this article, at this point, it's obvious that James Amann should step down as Speaker of the House. This fluff piece from self-righteous Lieberman supporter Ray Hackett exposes the outright arrogance in a person who has no business holding a high position at the Capitol.
State Rep. James Amann, D-Milford, speaker of the state House of Representatives, said Thursday he is not concerned about criticism by fellow Democrats of his decision to support U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman's independent bid for re-election.

In a meeting with the Norwich Bulletin Editorial Board, Amann said Democrats need to understand, in order to win in Connecticut, candidates have to reach out to all segments of the party. Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, Amann said, is reaching out only to the liberal, progressive wing.
It's amazing that after a record turnout primary, Amann has the nerve to continue with his "weirdo" line about Lamont supporters. But wait, it's gets better.
"I have a big tent," Amann said in regard to working with moderate and progressive Democrats in the House. "Ned Lamont doesn't get it. You can't try and be a Democrat when you're just appealing to a fragment of the party."


"I don't know Ned Lamont. I don't know anything about Ned Lamont. He has zero experience," Amann said. "I know Joe. He's helped me in the past, he's been a friend and he's experienced."
This is complete nonsense. Amann says that Lamont doesn't get it YET he says that he doesn't know ANYTHING about Lamont?

Can someone at the Capitol please tell me how this man became Speaker of the House?

James Amann clearly placing personal feelings above the will of the voters in the state and as Speaker of the House, he has an obligation to respect the will of the people and it's clear that we can not have anyone like Amann representing the Democratic Party at the Capitol. This article from Lieberman's friend just reinforces the obvious, that Amann is simply sore losers who refuse to recognize Lamont as the Democratic nominee and he should be held accountable for his actions.

North Haven Town Committee Chairman Bernard McLoughlin did the honorable thing and resigned as Chairman before supporting a third-party candidate and Amann clearly should follow suit (as well as any Democratic official).

Long after this electon is over, Amann will be held accountable to disrespecting the record amount to Democrats who voted in this primary. It's took DumpJoe.com over four years to finally take down Joe Lieberman, I have no problem working twice that amount of time to make sure Amann is replaced as Speaker and I promise to use all my resources to support a real Democrat who will defeat him in Milford.

Unlike Hackett, I'm sure I'm not the only person who shares this feeling.

Edwards backs Lamont, shows his support in New Haven

John Edwards, the possible 2008 presidential candidate made a stop in New Haven yesterday to show his support for Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont. In front of hundreds of supporters at Yale New-Haven Medical schoolyard, Edwards hit home the issue of poverty in the nation with Lamont addressing the issue head-on while admitting that he didn't talk enough about the problem during his primary campaign.

If last night was any indication, I think that will change.

Edwards and Lamont allowed bloggers to pepper them with a series of questions before the rally got underway. Edwards had no problem letting his feelings known about Joe Lieberman and his independent campaign and I had no problem recording his response. Both men also addressed the shame of the nation called New Orleans and the failure of the Bush Administration in terms of addressing the seriousness of the problem.

Although I recorded the entire event, for now, here is the online media news conference with Edwards and Lamont. New Haven Independent's Paul Bass has his usual excellent write-up which I recommend reading. Republican Joe Lieberman's nightmare Spazeboyman popped up a video also so don't forget to get his site a look. I'll have my pics from the rally and the rest of the video footage up later.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rell leads DeStefano

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that John DeStefano has his work cut out for him is he's going to have a chance against Jodi Rell.
Republican incumbent Gov. Jodi Rell leads Democratic challenger John DeStefano 64 - 32 percent among likely voters, with 4 percent undecided and 28 percent of those who name a candidate saying they might change their mind.

Among registered voters, Gov. Rell leads 60 - 28 percent, compared to 62 - 25 percent in a July 20 Quinnipiac University poll, conducted before DeStefano's Democratic primary win.

In this latest survey, 44 percent of likely Democratic voters, 88 percent of Republican voters and 69 percent of independent voters back Rell.

"While observers bemoan the polarization of American politics, Connecticut voters are taking a bi-partisan path, with most Republicans backing a Democratic Senator and large numbers of Democrats backing a Republican Governor," Dr. Schwartz said.

"John DeStefano didn't get much of a bounce from his primary win in part because of all of the attention focused on the Senate race. Although Gov. Rell's 73 percent approval is down from her 81 percent score in February, she continues to have very strong approval numbers and a huge lead over DeStefano."
DeStefano and Glassman need to start working and work fast and go on the attack against Rell. November is some time away so it will be interesting to see how DeStefano reacts to the poll.

Joe Lieberman: the Republican candidate

If you need any more evidence that Joe Lieberman is a Republican, the lateset Quinnipaic poll numbers tell the story.
In this latest survey, Lieberman leads 75 - 13 - 10 percent among likely Republican voters, and 58 - 36 - 3 percent among likely independent voters, while likely Democratic voters back Lamont 63 - 35 percent. Two percent are undecided, but 28 percent of those who name a candidate might change their mind before Election Day.

"Sen. Lieberman's support among Republicans is nothing short of amazing. It more than offsets what he has lost among Democrats. As long as Lieberman maintains this kind of support among Republicans, while holding onto a significant number of Democratic votes, the veteran Senator will be hard to beat," said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D.
uote>With Republican numbers like this, don't expect the GOP to ask Alan GoldSchlesinger to step aside any time soon.

The bright side of the poll is that Lamont gets a 11 point bounce among registered voters in a three way match up. That's an impressive post-primary bounce but Lieberman is the poster child of the Republican Party and Schlesinger is nothing more than a joke.

It's not like Lamont hasn't been in this position before and, as he did in the primary, he'll have to get his message out to the people who still don't know enough about him.

Remember, as Lamont "don't know enough" numbers go down, his approval numbers go up while Lieberman's numbers go down. Lamont has some work to do but don't be fooled, Joe Lieberman is the de facto Republican in this race and this is the game plan of the White House.
But there is rampant speculation that the non-endorsement of Schlesinger is coming from the White House down, not from the local level up.

Some political sources say that the White House put out the word as early as Aug. 8 - when Lamont won the Democratic primary over Lieberman in a national media spectacle - that it was all right for Republican office-holders, nationally and in Connecticut, to endorse Lieberman. One Republican senator, Susan M. Collins of Maine, did just that on Tuesday. Lieberman has won points with Republicans, and alienated many Democrats, by cooperating with Bush on issues including Iraq war policy.

Schlesinger, interviewed Wednesday night by phone as he sought votes at a Torrington Republican picnic, would not comment on the idea of a White House-orchestrated back-channel campaign for Lieberman.
Schlesinger knows the deal because it's painfully clear that Lieberman is the Republican's go-to guy as Schlesinger is even losing to Lamont among Republicans. and Republican Town Committees are presently trying to pass resolutions backing Lieberman.
His efforts, however, are not getting much encouragement even in some local towns. In Wethersfield, for example, a prominent member of the Republican town committee has submitted a resolution to endorse Lieberman, the independent, instead of Schlesinger.

The committee member, John Miller, who once served on the Republican National Committee, said of Schlesinger: "Unfortunately, he's just going to be a blip."

Miller's resolution says the "Democratic Party has been hijacked by ultra-liberal activists." There's a risk that the Aug. 8 primary may decide the November election and oust a valuable 18-year veteran, he said.

"There's going to be an election. The Republican unfortunately isn't going to play much of a role," Miller said Wednesday. "For the good of Connecticut, the Republicans should get into it, and I think the right vote is for Lieberman."

Wethersfield Republicans will consider Miller's pro-Lieberman resolution Aug. 30 in the community room at the police station. He said he hopes other Republican town committees will follow with similar endorsements.
Lieberman (R-CT).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chris Matthews to Ned Lamont: Correct answer

Ned Lamont played Hardball with Chris Matthews today and talked about the latest regarding the senate race. Matthews gave Ned a thumbs for correctly stating the details of the Iraq Liberation Act while slamming Lieberman spokesgoon Dan Gerstein for being "dead wrong" on the issue.

Andrew Sullivan: The Alleged UK Terror Plot

Andrew Sullivan raises some interesting points regarding the terror plot to blow up airplanes in the UK.

Give it a read and think about it.

The stupidity of Alan Schlesinger: The Hardball edition

Alan Gold Schlesinger was on Hardball yesterday and host Chris Matthews had a field day with him (I wish Matthews would just come out and say I'm sorry to Michael Moore).

Warning: this is brutal, real brutal.

Senate Democrats upset with Lieberman

Seems like Joe's in a tough spot.
A group of Senate Democrats is growing increasingly angry about Sen. Joe Lieberman's (D-Conn.) campaign tactics since he lost the Democratic primary last week.

If he continues to alienate his colleagues, Lieberman could be stripped of his seniority within the Democratic caucus should he defeat Democrat Ned Lamont in the general election this November, according to some senior Democratic aides.

In recent days, Lieberman has rankled Democrats in the upper chamber by suggesting that those who support bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq by a certain date would bolster terrorists’ planning attacks against the U.S. and its allies. He also sparked resentment by saying last week on NBC's Today show that the Democratic Party was out of the political mainstream.

Democrats are worried that Lieberman may be giving Republicans a golden opportunity to undermine their message.

"I think there’s a lot of concern," said a senior Democratic aide who has discussed the subject with colleagues. "I think the first step is if the Lieberman thing turns into a side show and hurts our message and ability to take back the Senate, and the White House and the [National Republican Senatorial Committee] manipulate him, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people in our caucus."


Allowing Lieberman to retain his seniority could put the senator now running as an independent in charge of the Senate’s chief investigative committee. If Democrats took control of either chamber they would likely launch investigations of the White House’s handling of the war in Iraq and homeland security.

"Lieberman’s tone and message has shocked a lot of people," said a second senior Democratic aide who has discussed the issue with other Senate Democrats. "He's way off message for us and right in line with the White House."

"At this point Lieberman cannot expect to just keep his seniority,” said the aide. "He can't run against a Democrat and expect to waltz back to the caucus with the same seniority as before. It would give the view that the Senate is a country club rather than representative of a political party and political movement."

Hey everyone...

meet Joe Lieberman's ego.

Learn about James Amann online

Seems like our favorite Liebercrat has a new website.

Everything you need to know about Speaker of the House and Liebercrat James Amann can be found here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bill Clinton backs Lamont, slams Lieberman

Oh my, how times have changed.

Lieberman has characterized his loss - and the need for his subsequent independent run - as liberals in the party purging those with the Lieberman-Clinton position of progressiveness in domestic politics and strong national security credentials.

"Well, if I were Joe and I was running as an independent, that's what I'd say, too," Clinton said.

"But that's not quite right. That is, there were almost no Democrats who agreed with his position, which was, 'I want to attack Iraq whether or not they have weapons of mass destruction.'"

"His position is the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld position, which was, 'Does it matter if they have weapons? None of this matters. ... This is a big, important priority, and 9/11 gives us the way of attacking and deposing Saddam.'"

Clinton said that a vote for Lamont was not, as Lieberman had implied, a vote against the country's security.
The real Bill Clinton stands up! It better if you watch the video
(hat tip to MLN, LamontBlog and CLP)

Monday, August 14, 2006

You're on notice!

(hat tip to Maura for the hook-up)

James Amann to 146,578 Democrats: F-you

In the ultimate act of betrayal to the Democratic Party, THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, James Amann will announce today that he'll support the independent candidacy of Joe Lieberman.

This is an absolute outrage and Amann has crossed a line and should be held accountable for his action.

Again, THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, James Amann has just refused to accept the outcome of the primary in which over 280,000 people voted against his man. Why is he allowed to get away with this without at least being chastised by State Central or other Democratic colleagues.

Amann's act is unacceptable and not only does further damage to the Democratic Party, but gives the green light to other Democrats who are ready to jump ship such as State Senator Bill Finch and Pat Dillon.

Enough is enough. The people have spoken and there should be a price to pay for Amann's action.

Again, HE'S SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and his action should have serious consequences. In my opinion, Amann just kissed his position "good-bye."

I can only hope that another true Democrat will take advantage of this latest development and challenge him for his seat as he's no longer fit to be Speaker of the House let alone a Democratic Represenative for Milford.

(Note: Change made to headline)

Bob Kerrey: newest Liebercrat

Seems like former senator Bob Kerrey plans to stump for Lieberman this fall and I'm not surprised.
Word from the campaign is that Bob Kerrey has offered to stump for Lieberman in the fall, which should, if nothing else, allow Lieberman to paint his coalition of political supporters as Republicans -- whose professions of admiration Lieberman can't seem to get away from -- and "independent-minded" Democrats.

Why am I not surprised you ask? Well Kerrey (like Lieberman) was one of the biggest fans of the idiotic social security phase-out plan which included private accounts (Kerrey and Social Security goes back many years). He and Lieberman were also co-sponsors of the Iraq Liberation Act and cheerleaders for Ahmad Chalibi. Kerrey was also on the nortorious Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq was the quintessential modern front group, built on a diverse membership, international connections, a broad and unifying statement of purpose, and internal disciplines. Scheunemann, CLI's executive director, was like Jackson a board member of the U.S. Committee on NATO; and he was at the core of the early efforts in Congress and within the Republican Party to support the Iraqi National Congress (INC). Almed Chalabi, INC's chieftain, was a wealthy Iraqi expatriate who gained favor with neocons and hawks during the 1990s but was distrusted by the State Department and the CIA. In his position as national security adviser to Senator Trent Lott, Scheunemann had drafted numerous legislative bills shaping Washington's Iraq policy. One of these bills, the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, authorized $98 million to the INC - funds that were never fully disbursed by the Clinton administration, partly because of serious infighting within the INC.

Most CLI board members were prominent neocons, such as Robert Kagan, Richard Perle, William Kristol, and Joshua Muravchik. 4 But the success of the CLI as a front group stemmed from its ability to incorporate Democrats and Republicans outside the politically incestuous circle of neocons, including former Senator Bob Kerrey, former Congressman Steve Solarz, Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute (an offshoot of the center-right Democratic Leadership Council), Sen. John McCain, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, and former Secretary of State George Shultz, who served as honorary chairman of the CLI advisory board.

In other words, Kerrey and Lieberman are like-minded politicians in many ways.

Amazing op-ed on "What Lieberman believes"

This is why every student majoring in English should take at least one journalism class before graduating college.

If you do anything today, it would be within you best interest to read this excellent op-ed from Frank Harris III in today's Hartford Courant regarding Joe Lieberman.

Personally, I can't find the words to truly express how much I admire Harris' piece so I'm not going to waste my time trying to do so. All I ask is for everyone to please go read it in full and thank Harris for writing such an insightful piece of work.

Oh, I love journalism professors!
Six days after Ned Lamont toppled Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic primary, I keep reflecting on the interesting twist of party loyalty that brought former President Bill Clinton campaigning on Sen. Lieberman's behalf.

Party loyalty made Clinton do it, although the loyalty does not seem to be reciprocated, as evident in Lieberman's parachute jump back into the field as an "independent Democrat."

One of the statements that Lieberman made during his concession/non-concession speech last week was that he would continue to take a stand for his beliefs, regardless of the political costs.

He was referring to his support for President Bush's policies regarding the war in Iraq. Although Lieberman made what could be called a noble, principled statement, there is a difference between bipartisanship and compromise vs. a total carte blanche for a Bush policy that got America to go to war with Iraq and keeps America's troops in Iraq.

Lieberman's noble statement of principle might also garner more respect if he were more consistent in his application of it.

For instance, at the height of the revelations about Clinton's indiscretions with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Lieberman took to the Senate floor in September 1998 to lambaste Clinton, his fellow Democrat, for what he called Clinton's immoral behavior, including, by association, Clinton's lying to the American people.


Eight years ago, the senator righteously called out Clinton for his moral indiscretion and his lies regarding Monica Lewinsky - the sex lies; yet since the Iraq war, the senator has remained silent regarding the lies of George W. -the war lies.

For those who may have forgotten, amid the troops coming home in body bags and bandages, not to mention the thousands of civilian casualties and the further destabilization of the Middle East - George W. and his administration have, in effect, looked into the eyes of the American people and lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq.

Remember the weapons of mass destruction and the assertion that Iraq was complicit in the terrorism of Sept. 11, 2001, and that there was indisputable proof?

If Lieberman were consistent in applying moral outrage to immoral, disgraceful behavior that damages the country - as he did with Bill about Monica - he would find gaping holes in the Bush administration's war in Iraq.

Lies wound the soul, the heart, the mind. Lies weaken trust, kill credibility. Yes, there are lies of degree. Yes, all lies are not equal. But even this recognition makes Lieberman's position regarding Clinton's sex lies vs. Bush's war lies troubling.

Bill Clinton lied about Monica. It killed many Americans' trust in him and his credibility.

George W. Bush lied about Iraq. It has killed trust, his credibility and, most significantly, people.


Last month, Clinton delivered an impassioned speech urging Connecticut Democrats to support Lieberman because he has served us well.

Connecticut's voters disagreed, which takes me back to some rather prescient words Lieberman spoke from the Senate floor eight years ago, when he was condemning Clinton's behavior. Among Lieberman's words was a quote he attributed to President Teddy Roosevelt: "My power vanishes into thin air the instant that my fellow citizens, who are straight and honest, cease to believe that I represent them and fight for what is straight and honest."

Senator, I believe you are honest and straightforward in what you believe.

I just think you no longer represent what most Connecticut citizens believe.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lamont rips into Lieberman

Attaboy Ned!
Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont, the anti-war candidate who toppled Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary, says he was surprised by Lieberman and Vice President Dick Cheney's claims that his victory could embolden terrorists.

"My God, here we have a terrorist threat against hearth and home and the very first thing that comes out of their mind is how can we turn this to partisan advantage. I find that offensive," Lamont said in an interview Sunday with The Associated Press.


Cheney suggested Wednesday that Lamont's victory might encourage "the al-Qaida types" who want to "break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task."

Lamont said Lieberman's swipe at his candidacy "sounded an awful lot" like Cheney.

"It surprised me," he said. "It seemed almost orchestrated. It's sort of demeaning to the people of Connecticut. ... I thought the senator and the vice president were both wrong to use that attack (strategy) on the voters of Connecticut."
Damn right Ned. Not only was it offensive, it goes to show just how desperate and pathetic Lieberman has become. I mean, is this truly the way Joe wants to end his political career...sounding like an unhinged sore loser?

Well, if Joe wants to spit in the face of those who oppose his friend President Bush and his management of the Iraq War, I think it's time to show Joe Lieberman that the Democratic Party will not tolerate that type of language from a sore loser. If you're as upset as I, check back tomorrow and see what you can do to send a loud message to Mr Indy.

Hey Joe, we're ready for round two...you sure you have the stomach for it? It's going to be a brutal three months for you...

Primary night ctblogger style

You know, I received a great deal of email from readers asking wondering where is my footage from primary night.

Well, I shot so much video footage, that it took me a while to edit it down into something that was viewable. I'm still not happy with the end result but since it's the beginning of the week, I thought it would be best to post something and after watching all the other videos, I couldn't leave you guys hanging.

Here's my video footage from primary night. You'll see from a few of the other bloggers who've been covering this race as well as some VERY upclose footage of Ned Lamont's speech from that night (I still don't know how I was able to take photographs and videotape at the same time). After watching the television broadcasts and footage from other people who were there, I think this video captures the electricity and excitement that was in Meriden that night.


Ned Lamont takes on Chris Wallace and FOX News

Boy, he really sounds like a senator now.

Ned Lamont went to the belly of the beast called FOX News this morning and did an amazing job taking on Chris Wallace as he was peppered with a series of GOP talking points (NOTE: I have to say, Wallace did a good job interviewing Lamont).

Nancy DiNardo comments on the primary races

Democratic State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo comments about the recent primary victories for Ned Lamont and John DeStefano and lets her feelings known about Joe Lieberman's independent run.

While her words are somewhat positive, as State Chairman, she should really make it known to Joe Lieberman that his independent campaign is hurtful to the Democratic Party as a whole in this state and that he should bow out.

Which guy is lying/rooting for Joe Lieberman

Oh, what a gem of a Sunday!

Here's a piece of work from the Sunday shows. Guess which one of these GOP figures isn't quite telling the truth.

First up is the ultimate GOP action figure, RNC chairman Ken Melmahan. Now listen closely to his comment about the senate race in Connecticut.

Okay, keep Malmhan's comment about the State GOP asking him to stay out of the senate race in CT (while he's endorsed all the other Republicans running for office) when you watch GOP state chairman George Gallo's comments from this morning.

Now, which one of these guys are rooting for Joe Lieberman to win?

Which person is rooting for Joe Lieberman
RNC Chairman Ken Melhman
GOP State Chairman George Gallo
Both guys
Free polls from Pollhost.com