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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bridgeport Mayoral forum

I hope more debates are posted online...
A public forum among announced candidates for office of Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 19, 2007 sponsored by The United Front, a ... all » coalition of local organizations. Participating candidates were: state Senator Bill Finch, D-Bridgeport; state Representative Christopher Caruso, D-Bridgeport; Democrat Charles Coviello, a city activist; City Council member Keith Rodgerson, I-133, a candidate for the newly formed Bridgeport First Party; and Milton Johnson, a city police officer running as an independent.

The forum was moderated by Adrienne Farrar Houle. United Front members included Action for Bridgeport Community Development, the NAACP, the Jewish Federation and the Association of Latino Pastors of Greater Bridgeport.

If this is the best Cappiello can do...

then Congressman Chris Murphy will easily win re-election.
On another topic, Mr. Cappiello said that he supports Republican President George W. Bush's $1.35 trillion tax cut of 2001 and his $250 billion economic growth package of 2003.


Mr. Murphy said in a May 2006 interview that he opposed Mr. Bush's tax cut, indicating that it benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle- and lower-income workers.


Since taking office, Mr. Murphy has held several news conferences and constituent outreach programs. One Democratic poll released last month showed him with a 20-point lead.

Assistant state Attorney Gen. Robert Marconi of Brookfield, who was briefly the Democratic nominee in the 5th District in 2004, has said that personality is important in politics and noted that most people like Mr. Murphy.


"Being a congressman is about more than just holding news conferences on legislation that you know will never be signed into law," Mr. Cappiello said of Mr. Murphy's frequent sessions with reporters.

If Cappiello wants to make the election look interesting, he'll need to do more than senseless attacks on a Congressman who beat his buddy Nancy Johnson ON EVERY VOTING MACHINE IN DANBURY.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Bush strategy: Tell a lie until it becomes the truth

Here we go again.

Keith Olbermann explores the lunacy of President Bush's "in Iraq, we're fighting the people who attacked us on 9/11" rhetoric.

New Haven ID program is a hit

(photo credit: New Haven Independent)

Paul Bass and the crew at the New Haven Independent have been doing their usual top-notch reporting on the success of the ID Program in Elm City as well as the lunacy of the suburban, xenophobic, anti-immigrant morons.
When City Hall opened its doors for the first members of the public to sign up for the city’s controversial new ID card, so many people showed up that the line — including many undocumented immigrants— still snaked down the hallway at closing time.

By day’s end, officials reported that 250 people signed up for their Elm City Residency Card. The office stayed open an hour later to accommodate some of the extra crowd; others were told to return on Wednesday.


Organizers called the turnout a success: “There were a lot more people than we expected,” said mayoral staffer Emily Byrne.
The local media are also following this story as it unfolds. Here's one report from Fox61.
I'll add my two cents on this subject in a later post (as a resident of Danbury, I've been following the subject of immigration for years).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Senator Dodd jumps the gun

The internet Dodd squad team proved again that they're ahead of the pack when it comes to brainstorming.

Senator Dodd didn't wait until the CNN/YouTube debate and answered some of the YouTube user questions.

Here's Senator Dodd answering the question regarding the necessity of impeaching the President.

You can see more of Dodd answering questions from the YoutTube community by clicking here.