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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday evening with Miles davis and John Coltrane

Here's a little jazz while I work on my footage from last night's JJB.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bloggers at the Capitol series: Energy reform and conservation

The next part of the "Bloggers at the Capitol" series focuses on energy reform and conservation in Connecticut.

For those who don't know, last month a groups of bloggers met with several top Democratic legislators at the Capitol and had the opportunity to had a question them over a wide variety of issues that are on the minds of the public. As many people know, people in Connecticut are now paying the highest electric rates in the country. In the following videoclip, State Rep Steve Fontana (D-87th Dist.), chairman of the Energy Technology committee details how state legislators are attempting to tackle this issue as well as other numerous energy problems in the state.

In my small (and rare) cameo appearance, I ask Rep. Fontana what the state is doing in terms of promoting conservation, primarily educating the public about the inefficiency of incandescent lightbulds and the benefits of using compact florescent bulbs.

Details of the bill State Rep. Fontana discussed, H.B. 7098, can be viewed here.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

John McCain: "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran…"

...and this person wants to be President?

Breaking News: Jim Himes files to run against Shays, Liveblog today at 1:30 pm

I think Chris Shays has a problem on his hands.
An announcement fresh off the griddle, Greenwich DTC Chair Jim Himes has just announced that he's filed to run in 2008 against Chris Shays in the 4th CD.

What's more, he's agreed to come by My Left Nutmeg on his first day as a candidate to talk with Connecticut voters and activists to share his thoughts on the upcoming campaign, talk about his professional and public service experience, and answer questions about his goals as Connecticut's next Democratic Congressman!

Jim will be joining us from 1:30 to 2:30pm, and I'd like to encourage lurkers and first-time-visitors to register with the site to participate in the liveblog event: it's free, but it usually takes 15 minutes or so for your password to arrive, so you might want to sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Make sure to check out My Left Nutmeg and check out the preson who's going to hand Shays his pink slip.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blame the Virginia Tech shooting on...immigration?

More proof that members of the anti-immigrant movement are completely NUTS.

Thank goodness there are people like Keith Olbermann who has no problem bringing these morons to the public's attention.

Jim Vicevich shows his real I.Q. (again)

Colin McEnroe saves me the time.
Who could fail to enjoy Gwen Ifill's performance on Sunday, getting up in Tim Russert's face about his years as a slavering, fawning Imus toady? Ifill didn't even listen to Imus, so she has no way of knowing the degree to which Russert capered and begged for Imus's attention like a coach dog week after week. Whatever she was imagining, the reality was worse. (Only the aptly named Mike Barnicle, I think, worked harder to bend himself into a pretzel that Imus would behold and enjoy. This feat is so much easier for a moral and intellectual invertebrate.)

This morning, on WTIC-AM, the fun continued when my conservative colleague Buddy Vicevich tried to use Ifill's rant as an indicment of liberal culture. Before he played the clip, he scratched around for a way to identify Ifill. He finally decided she was a columnist and somebody who has some kind of relationship with NBC. She is neither.

She has been part of the PBS news operation for about ten years. Since 1999, she has been moderator and managing editor of "Washington Week" and senior correspondent for the NewsHour. Prior to that she was with NBC and before that several newspapers, including the New York Times.

The point is worth making because Buddy couldn't even been bothered to figure out who she was or to come within a hand grenade's distance of identifying her correctly. (Later, he called her a "liberal columnist." She is neither a columnist nor a person who is really allowed to identify herself politically. That is why she was chosen, in 2004, to moderate the vice-presidential debate.)
Too funny. I'm just happy that he's off television.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm taking a break from the whole blogging thing. I'm trying to keep my basement from flodding and the last hing on my mind is politics.

The weather radar tells the story (and yes, it updates itself)...

Well, at least we're not dealing with a winter storm in Connecticut.