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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The predictable adventures of Lieberman (D/I-CT)

Who didn't see this one coming...
I swear I just heard some "Independent Democrat" on Fox News Sunday say that he'd consider voting for a Republican presidential candidate in 2008 because the single issue of Iraq and "War on Terror" was just that important to him that it would override everything else.


"I'm open to supporting a Democrat, Republican, or even an Independent if there's a strong one," the U.S. Senator from Connecticut told "Fox News Sunday."

"You make a decision based on a whole range of issues. But obviously, the positions that some candidates have taken in Iraq troubles me. Obviously, I will be looking at what positions they take in the larger war against Islamist terrorism."

Update 2: Yes, the Last Honest Man's opinion has changed drastically since just this past summer. From the July debate:

LIEBERMAN: That's why I say [Lamont] is running a single issue campaign. Every campaign, as President Clinton reminded us, is about the future. And what I'm saying to the people of Connecticut, I can do more for you and your families to get something done to make health care affordable, to get universal health insurance, to make America energy independent, to save your jobs and create new ones. That's what the Democratic Party is all about.

He is a single issue candidate who is applying a litmus test to me. It's not good enough to be 90 percent voting with my colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus. He wants 100 percent. And when a party does that, it's the beginning of the defeat of that party.

And, the kicker:
I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington and elect a Democratic president in 2008. This man and his supporters will frustrate and defeat our hopes of doing that.