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Saturday, February 03, 2007

DiNardo outed

Seems like State Central Nancy DiNardo is quite pissed down in DC over her being outed for being at Joe Lieberman's election victory celebration.
Of course, it would also be inappropriate for the head of the State Democratic Party to attend the party celebrating the inauguration of a candidate who defeated the Democratic Party candidate for Senate. But I’ve also heard that Nancy DiNardo was celebrating Ned Lamont’s defeat along with other Lieberman supporters at Lieberman’s inaugural party in DC. If this is true, we just got suckered into another term of being “led” by someone who thinks it’s okay to celebrate the defeat of her own party’s candidate. Nice!
Now, this wasn't new news since I heard that she as well as other Democrats such as my favorite State Senator Bill Finch made the trip to DC to kiss Joe's ring. It's just laughable when people like DiNardo, Finch, Jim "I'll crush you" Amann, and our favorite drinking buddy Pat Dillon, get all pissy when they're so-called loyality towards the Democratic Party is EXPOSED.

Lets take it a notch. Spazeboy asks the question, lets see if DiNardo repsonds.
Ms. DiNardo, what’s in it for you? There must be a reasonable explanation why you continue to support Joe Lieberman, despite your official capacity as chairwoman of the party whose candidates he actively campaigned against.
Same ol' Democratic leadership running the show in CT...nothing has changed.

ALways remember, change starts at the DTC level.