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Friday, August 18, 2006

It's time for Amann to step down as Speaker of the House

After reading this article, at this point, it's obvious that James Amann should step down as Speaker of the House. This fluff piece from self-righteous Lieberman supporter Ray Hackett exposes the outright arrogance in a person who has no business holding a high position at the Capitol.
State Rep. James Amann, D-Milford, speaker of the state House of Representatives, said Thursday he is not concerned about criticism by fellow Democrats of his decision to support U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman's independent bid for re-election.

In a meeting with the Norwich Bulletin Editorial Board, Amann said Democrats need to understand, in order to win in Connecticut, candidates have to reach out to all segments of the party. Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, Amann said, is reaching out only to the liberal, progressive wing.
It's amazing that after a record turnout primary, Amann has the nerve to continue with his "weirdo" line about Lamont supporters. But wait, it's gets better.
"I have a big tent," Amann said in regard to working with moderate and progressive Democrats in the House. "Ned Lamont doesn't get it. You can't try and be a Democrat when you're just appealing to a fragment of the party."


"I don't know Ned Lamont. I don't know anything about Ned Lamont. He has zero experience," Amann said. "I know Joe. He's helped me in the past, he's been a friend and he's experienced."
This is complete nonsense. Amann says that Lamont doesn't get it YET he says that he doesn't know ANYTHING about Lamont?

Can someone at the Capitol please tell me how this man became Speaker of the House?

James Amann clearly placing personal feelings above the will of the voters in the state and as Speaker of the House, he has an obligation to respect the will of the people and it's clear that we can not have anyone like Amann representing the Democratic Party at the Capitol. This article from Lieberman's friend just reinforces the obvious, that Amann is simply sore losers who refuse to recognize Lamont as the Democratic nominee and he should be held accountable for his actions.

North Haven Town Committee Chairman Bernard McLoughlin did the honorable thing and resigned as Chairman before supporting a third-party candidate and Amann clearly should follow suit (as well as any Democratic official).

Long after this electon is over, Amann will be held accountable to disrespecting the record amount to Democrats who voted in this primary. It's took DumpJoe.com over four years to finally take down Joe Lieberman, I have no problem working twice that amount of time to make sure Amann is replaced as Speaker and I promise to use all my resources to support a real Democrat who will defeat him in Milford.

Unlike Hackett, I'm sure I'm not the only person who shares this feeling.