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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rell leads DeStefano

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that John DeStefano has his work cut out for him is he's going to have a chance against Jodi Rell.
Republican incumbent Gov. Jodi Rell leads Democratic challenger John DeStefano 64 - 32 percent among likely voters, with 4 percent undecided and 28 percent of those who name a candidate saying they might change their mind.

Among registered voters, Gov. Rell leads 60 - 28 percent, compared to 62 - 25 percent in a July 20 Quinnipiac University poll, conducted before DeStefano's Democratic primary win.

In this latest survey, 44 percent of likely Democratic voters, 88 percent of Republican voters and 69 percent of independent voters back Rell.

"While observers bemoan the polarization of American politics, Connecticut voters are taking a bi-partisan path, with most Republicans backing a Democratic Senator and large numbers of Democrats backing a Republican Governor," Dr. Schwartz said.

"John DeStefano didn't get much of a bounce from his primary win in part because of all of the attention focused on the Senate race. Although Gov. Rell's 73 percent approval is down from her 81 percent score in February, she continues to have very strong approval numbers and a huge lead over DeStefano."
DeStefano and Glassman need to start working and work fast and go on the attack against Rell. November is some time away so it will be interesting to see how DeStefano reacts to the poll.