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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Haven ID program is a hit

(photo credit: New Haven Independent)

Paul Bass and the crew at the New Haven Independent have been doing their usual top-notch reporting on the success of the ID Program in Elm City as well as the lunacy of the suburban, xenophobic, anti-immigrant morons.
When City Hall opened its doors for the first members of the public to sign up for the city’s controversial new ID card, so many people showed up that the line — including many undocumented immigrants— still snaked down the hallway at closing time.

By day’s end, officials reported that 250 people signed up for their Elm City Residency Card. The office stayed open an hour later to accommodate some of the extra crowd; others were told to return on Wednesday.


Organizers called the turnout a success: “There were a lot more people than we expected,” said mayoral staffer Emily Byrne.
The local media are also following this story as it unfolds. Here's one report from Fox61.
I'll add my two cents on this subject in a later post (as a resident of Danbury, I've been following the subject of immigration for years).