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Monday, August 07, 2006

FOXNews "fair and balanced" reporting on the Lamont/Lieberman race

Good grief! FOXNews sticks up for their favorite Democrat.

Why do people watch that awful network? Here's the analysis of the Lamont/Lieberman race in a nutshell (tip to PoliticsTV)

* Lieberman: If I lose tomorrow, the message is there is no room in the Party for "strong on security" Democrats

* Karl Cameron: Lamont has "smeared" Lieberman, according to many.

* Lieberman tells FOX he’s likely to run as an Indy if he loses primary

This is such bullshit but that's what happens when cable news attempts to cover a state event. I'd love to ask Cameron who he means when he says "many" told him that Lamont smeared Lieberman. George Bush's favorite Democrat is also full of shit when he says if he loses, it will mean that those Democrats who are strong on security is not welcomed in the Party. Who's Jack Murtha, a creampuff? No DINOBoy, there is no room for Democrats who make it a habit to undermine the Democratic Party which is why tomorrow, the voters are going to give you the pink slip and send you packing.

Cable news networks will try to walk in Connecticut, define the story behind the Lamont/Liebreman race, and pack up and go back to their DC bubble. I don't think they know who they're dealing with in this state and the bloggers here will be more than happy to set the record straight.

This isn't 2004 and no one is going to Swift Boat Ned Lamont. Also, there is NO WAY the cable media is going to be allowed to come into this state and tell us why Lieberman lost the election. NO WAY.

The days of cable news dominance as a source of information is over. I'll personally debunk any of their right-winged garbage and I can set up a portable television studio up and have video on the blogs just as fast as they can go live on the air.