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Monday, August 07, 2006

LieberKids acting like jerks and taking things too far

There are reports of Lieberman people showing up to Lamont offices posing like people wanting to volunteer their time only to disrupt the office. This is a growing trend of Lieberman's people doing all they can to disrupt and intimidate Lamont staffers and supporters.


Here's the report:
Two lieberkids appeared at the Watertown office this morning purporting to be volunteers. The Lamont person was skeptical, gave them some posters to hand out, and they ended up ripped up outside the office.

The Lieberman hit squad were spotted at a Starbucks earlier by a Lamont volunteer who was looking for directions to the Wartertown office. Here's the story.
This (Lamont) volunteer was lost so she stopped at the Starbucks to ask for directions to the Lamont office. So she asks these two nice-looking teenagers where the Lamont office is. One replies, "I don't know, probably in a communist country somewhere."

The volunteer looks down and notices they are wearing Lieberman gear.
Same kids that stopped by the office earlier.
Reports of concern are also being reported at Lamont's Norwalk office. There was also a reports of coming in from other areas and I'll follow-up on those stories soon as they might involve the police getting involved.

Lieberman talks about Lamont running a misleading, dirty campaign when the complete opposite is true.

From passing around race-baiting flyers in the African-American communities and lobbyist Richard Goodstein and his band of LieberKidz coordinating an attack on Lamont's event in Meriden (with Goodstein yelling at Lamont's at close range), to Lieberman running more race-baiting radio ads on hip-hop stations over the weekend, sending his people to disrupt things at the Lamont offices, and supporters (or volunteers) of Lieberman attempting to vandalize "The Kiss float" while passing Lieberman material in New Haven Saturday night, Lieberman's campaign has set a new standard for dirty, disgusting campaigning.

You usually see associate these types of dirty tactics from Republicans not Democrats.