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Monday, August 07, 2006

Now, everything makes sense

Ah, FINALLY all the questions are answered.

The mystery person was without question John Boehner BUT he was doing a fundraiser for Chris Shays next door at Teluride, the restaurant next to the abandoned store with the big Lieberman sign The Lieberman people were just there doing visibility at the time. Although it's kind of strange that Lieberman people were around at the same time as Boehner, it's a political event and they were probably trying to get as much exposure as possible.

Also, Joe probably has a big hole in his schedule due to the fact that he might be doing a host of TV interviews during that time (which also makes sense). In any case, this mystery is solved.

Boehner...man that's a funny name. I have ten funny lines I could use with that name.

Okay, can I please move on from this now? So much more stuff to report on today and there isn't much time left in the day.