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Monday, August 07, 2006

Mystery solved?

Okay, this is getting stranger by the second.

People are now saying that the mystery person was Majority Leader John Boehner which would make sense since 1.) he's from Ohio and 2.) he's in town for Chris Shays.

I'm willing to say that it's unlikely the mystery person is Hillary (AGAIN I DID NOT START THIS RUMOR, I READ IT ON ANOTHER BLOG) since the bus had Ohio plates on it but there are stil some interesting questions.

1.) Why did the Boehner go into a store in which the windows were covered and the only thing you could see where two big Lieberman signs.

2.) I talked the the blogger who broke the story and he told me that there were several people wearing Lieberman T-shirts in front of the place when the mystery person (Boehner) stopped by and there was a faily good amount of law enforcement around (which would make sense if it was the Boehner). The person also said he swore he saw Ken Dagliere there also (which is why he took off).

The place where Boehner visited is now closed up and it seems like some Lamont supporters made it down there and placed some signs in the area. I'm ready to concede that it was Boehner, what's the deal with him going to a Lieberman place?

I have someone at the scene now and although no one is there, he's going to get back to me if there is any more info. He also has a camera and will give me more photos of the place in question soon. Again, it looks like it was Boehner.