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Monday, August 07, 2006


Based on the latest poll results, this race is still a dead heat and Ned Lamont needs your help!

This election is going to come down to one thing: TURNOUT! Take a day off work and get down to any of the Ned Lamont offices and help get out the vote. Click here for more info.

UPDATE: MoveOn.org has a phone banking system in place in case you want to make calls from your house or cell phone. Click here for more details.

Come on people, Ned needs our help big time and there is not a moment to lose. Joe has a large operation and is outspending Lamont by a huge margin. Turnout is key to a Lamont victory. You can either go to a Lamont office and phone bank or click on the MoveOn.org link and phone bank from home so PLEASE do what you can.

It's in your hands.