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Monday, August 07, 2006

What is Joe up to now?

(post bumped to top)
Team Joementum is up to something.

There are reports of something happening at the Lieberman office in Stamford and it involves the Secret Service and an inportant official from D.C.

I'll have more info soon. If anyone reading this is in Stamford right now, get down to Lieberman's office with a camera, take some photographs (and/or video) and get in touch with me.

UPDATE (1:13 P.M.): The word Secret Police was changed to Secret Service (sorry for the confusion). Just got off the phone with someone who took photos and I'll have something shortly. AGAIN, if you're in the Stamford area, go down to Lieberman's headquarters and get back to me. Photos are key and video is a plus. Also, if anyone gets a press release from the Lieberman campaign, please email it to me. I will not disclose your name so if you're in the media and have access to Lieberman press releases, feel free to email me.

Also, can someone with knowledge email me and tell me who outside of the President would have Secret Service protection. Kerry? Clintons? Am I missing someone?


Here is the report from a person on the scene.
Driving through Stamford for work at around noon, I noticed a bunch of activity on Bedford Street (I'm quite sure it was Bedford.) There was a storefront with Lieberman signs, an official looking black Suburban with DC plates, several police cars, a bus with Ohio plates, and at least one Secret Service agent. No idea what's going on, but someone big must be in town for Joe. The pictures are from my camera phone, so they suck. If anyone is in Stamford and can find out what's going on, post a commment here. Ironically, the whole thing was taking place next store to an army recruiting office. I guess the LieberKidz can look into enlisting.

Here are the photos. I have another photo which has the plate number of the Suburban and it's a DC plate (I will not post it for obvious reasons).

Click on any of the images to enlarge