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Monday, August 07, 2006

John McLaughin discusses "The Kiss" and the fall of Lieberman

I've always kind of liked John McLaughin but his analysis on "The Kiss" goes to show you just how out of touch these DC-insiders really are when it comes to the this race in Connecticut.

Case in point, when did Lamont criticize Clinton's visit?

When did the Lamont campaign pay for "The Kiss float?" This is new to me (and I'm sue dad isn't getting paid one dime).

Watch and listen.
I think someone needs to contact the show and see get a clarifcation. Obviously John's comment was a screw-up (?)

BTW: You know you're in trouble when the entire roundtable says Lieberman is going to lose Tuesday.

UPDATE: Please send the McLaughlin Group an email and tell them to set the record straight.

To recap:

1. The Lamont campaign DID NOT pay for or create "The Kiss" float OR "The Kiss" buttons.

2. Ned Lamont DID NOT criticize President Clinton.

Please help and make the McLaughin set the record straight.