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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Eric Blankenbaker and Dan Gerstein: Dumb and Dumber

Just when you think the Lieberman campaign can't do anything more pathetic, they prove us wrong yet again. Will this finally get Dan Gerstein fired? CTBob has the details.
On the Joe2006 blog tonight, millionaire-lawyer non-combatant successful-draft-deferrer Joe Lieberman's campaign director, Dan Gerstein, brought up the topic of wife beating in relation to his discussion of the Senator's possible campaign contributions.

While addressing the questionable validity of a story about GOP fundraising efforts for Lieberman that was posted by their OWN CAMPAIGN STAFF on their OWN BLOG, Gerstein asked if it was possible to prove the Senator doesn't beat his wife.

After several messages questioning Gerstein about the wife-beating topic, the Lieberman spokesman said "Joe Lieberman does not beat his wife."
You have to read Dan's comment to actually get the full effect of his incredible level of stupidity.
Let me get this straight. You are asking us to disprove an anonymous, single-sourced story from a magazine of questionable credibility that not one respectable news outlet has even come close to picking up on? What's next, you want us to provide evidence that Joe Lieberman doesn't beat his wife?

Seriously, folks, I am more than happy to answer legitimate questions raised on the blog, and I apologize for not doing more of it yet (been a little busy doing a few other things), but can we please have a little perspective? Thanks.
This is so stupid that I don't know where to begin. Lets see, assclown Eric Blankenbaker says that the Insight Magazine article which stated that the White House and the GOP raised money for Lieberman's campaign was " is as phony as all the others that came before it" without providing any evidence to debunk the article THEN silly Gerstein flips out on the comments and states "What's next, you want us to provide evidence that Joe Lieberman doesn't beat his wife?"

Are you following the logic in all of this folks?

Well, Gerstein just couldn't put that shovel down and kept digging a whole for himself when the people commenting about his post jump all over him and ask former spokesperson who was recently demoted to provide evidence that Joe didn't beat his wife (well, dumb-dumb brought up the subject).
First, Joe Lieberman does NOT beat his wife. Second, I will personally look into whether or not Joe's campaign has taken a significant amount of money from registered Republicans. I don't think so. But I can make sure. How's that for transparency?
Oh, this is rich. After assclown Blankenbaker screams that Insight Magazine story is false, Gerstein says that he'll look into the matter and states that Joe doesn't beat his wife (although, he's the person who brought up the topic).

I'm at a loss for words...