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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My impressions on Joe Lieberman's new site

First impression: I can't access the site on my Macintosh.

Second impression: I can't access the site on my Mac in WindowsXP mode.

Third impression: Finally able to access the site on my WindowsXP machine...wow, they sure beat the hell out of the bold font.

Fourth impression: The first blog on their blogroll has a picture of Bin Landen wearing a Lamont sticker on his turban and another post compares Lamont to David Duke therefore, Lieberman is linking to hate sites? Very classy senator.

Fifth impression: Has Joe Lieberman done anything besides getting earmarks for the people of Connecticut because that’s all I see when I click on the "Fighting for Connecticut" section.

Sixth impression: From Dan Gerstein's first post on Joe's blog:
The fact is, for the last several months we ceded the online debate to our rivals.
Wow, Dan comes right out the gate lying his ass off. Gerstein never "ceded" the online debate he wrote for LieberDem along with assclown Matt Smith. Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake slammed Dan for lying about his role in the campaign while blogging for LeiberDem and Matt's pathetic rebuttal is a blogger classic complete with backpedaling updates whenever Jane slammed them again (you go girl).

Last impression (before I became bored): Nice to see that Joe's using the site to talk about everything besides the issues. I mean really, going after Lamont’s spokesperson because she used a lower case d in the word Democrat?

Also, I'm still waiting to hear about that "hacking" update regarding Lieberman's last site.

BTW: Love the lack of a RSS reader on the blog. Maybe they'll get that fixed when they make the site available to Macintosh users.

UPDATE: Matt over at Emboldened goes through Joe's blogroll which is entirely right winged (to say the least).