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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh all the times to go out of town...


Now let me explain things first boys and girls. I've been going to the U.S. Open every Labor Day weekend with my family the last four years and this year was special because it was Andre Agassi's last tournament.

Now, I've been waiting for the day when Ned Lamont would visit Danbury and although he did stop by for a festival, he didn't stop by Democratic headquarters...not until this weekend when I was OUT OF TOWN! To top if off, Ned and Joe marched in the Newtown Labor Day parade and you have the makings for a incredible political blogger day.

AGH! I missed all the fun! Well, actually I didn't as I was able to take some amazing photographs and build by photography portfolio (anyone need a freelance photographer). Cruise over to CTBob as he was Johnny on the spot and has an amazing video report. I couldn't believe the size of Lamont's supporters in the video...my goodness it was huge! Poor Joe walked all alone with no one standing by his side. So sad...so pathetic...so poetic.

It's pretty late and I have limited details on Ned's appearance in Danbury but from what little I heard, Democratic Headquarters on Main Street was standing room only which is amazing. Reports of up towards 100 people came by to hear Ned speak which is the largest I've ever heard for a DTC event in Danbury (hell, I didn't even know the place could hold that many people).

I'm off to bed. I'll get back up to full speed tomorrow.

UPDATE: Okay, I heard that once again, the Lieberman goons went on a rampage and tore up some Lamont signs. When will the media report on these jerks when they go after Lamont supporters (anyone remember Meriden).

Read about what happened and all the other silly stuff here. It's amazing that CNN would devote anytime to this stupidity as I'm assuming that what happened was SO minor compared to everything else that happened (which was positive).

You can read the AP report on the event here.