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Friday, September 01, 2006

Diane Farrell unleashes new TV ad against Rep. Shays

Today, Democratic 4th CD candidate Diane Farrell began airing her first television commercial to the local markets. According to her press release, her ad will focus on Rep. Chris Shays everlasting suport for the Iraq War.

From Farrell's press release.
"Congressman Shays has been President Bush's most loyal supporter in Congress on this war. Despite some of his recent comments, he still says he 'totally' supports the war and he still supports the president," Farrell said. "He has said he believes 'this is a war we have to win.' He has called it 'the Lord's work.' Congressman Shays has given the president everything he wanted to run this war and has demanded virtually no accountability in return. He's demanded no exit plan. The war in Iraq is a disaster and Congressman Shays bears some of the responsibility for that."

Here's the new ad.