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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Condoleezza Rice: A disgrace to all African-Americans

Outdoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's comment in which he compared those who opposed the war to fascists, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice drinks the Bush-flavored kool-aid and takes the administration's pro-war rhetoric to a whole new disturbing level.
Secretary of State Rice compared the Iraq war with the American Civil War, telling a magazine that slavery might have lasted longer in this country if the North had decided to end the fight early.

"I'm sure there are people who thought it was a mistake to fight the Civil War to its end and to insist that the emancipation of slaves would hold," Rice said in the new issue of Essence magazine.

"I know there were people who said, 'Why don't we get out of this now, take a peace with the South, but leave the South with slaves?'" Rice said.

That's right folks, African-American Condoleezza Rice just compared critics of the war in Iraq to those would approve of slavery. As an African-American who strongly opposes this stupid war, words cannot express how offensive her remarks are but unfortunately, I'm not really surprised since I lost ALL respect for this woman a long time ago when she should her true colors during the Katrina disaster.

For those who need a quick history lesson on what the Secretary of State was doing while hundreds of African-Americans were DYING in New Orleans, lets roll that video tape again...

When questioned about the Bush Administration's failure to cut their vacation plans (including hers) in order to help those who were dying (including HER OWN PEOPLE) in front of our eyes on television last year, Condi get an attitude.
"I resented the notion that the President of the United States, this President of the United States, would somehow decide to let people suffer because they were black," Rice told the magazine.

"I found that to be the most corrosive and outrageous claim that anybody could have made, and it was wholly and totally irresponsible."

Oh, you "resented" the notion that notion that people are pissed off because you and the rest of the administration didn't cut your vacation plans which included you hitting tennis balls with Monica Seles at the U.S. Open or buying shoes at Ferragamo on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
According to Drudge, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has recently enjoyed a little Broadway entertainment. And Page Six reports that she's also working on her backhand with Monica Seles. So the Gulf Coast has gone all Mad Max, women are being raped in the Superdome, and Rice is enjoying a brief vacation in New York. We wish we were surprised.

What does surprise us: Just moments ago at the Ferragamo on 5th Avenue, Condoleezza Rice was seen spending several thousands of dollars on some nice, new shoes (we've confirmed this, so her new heels will surely get coverage from the WaPo's Robin Givhan). A fellow shopper, unable to fathom the absurdity of Rice's timing, went up to the Secretary and reportedly shouted, "How dare you shop for shoes while thousands are dying and homeless!" Never one to have her fashion choices questioned, Rice had security PHYSICALLY REMOVE the woman.

Yeah, got'cha Condi.

What does the self-promoting woman who never has a problem reminding us that she was a poor black girl from Alabama say about her role in the whole Katrina screw-up?
Asked if she felt personally accountable, Rice said, "The government did its best. People aren't perfect, and this response was not perfect. You know, I do foreign policy, I don't run Homeland Security. I don't run FEMA. I do foreign policy." She added, "I did what I could to coordinate the international response."
Oh, so that's her excuse for hitting tennis balls and buying expensive shoes as a category five hurricane ripped not only New Orleans, but her own home state.

Condoleezza Rice: a disgrace to all African-Americans.

(update: JoeBob is correct, Condoleezza Rice proved last year that she's a disgrace to all Americans, not just African-Americans. Therefore, it's with great honor that I update this post on his behalf).