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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Murphy and Johnson in dead heat

No wonder Nancy Johnson has been running those lame attack ads on Murphy. She's in a bit of trouble and No More Nancy has the details.
A new internal poll conducted by the Murphy campaign shows the fifth district race in a dead heat. The same poll showed Johnson with a nine point lead back in June. Clearly, voters are responding to Murphy's positive message of change and aren't buying into Nancy Johnson's fear mongering.
Murphy's 41 towns in 41 days tour definately had a positive impact and his quick rebuttal to Johnson "Battlestar Galatica inspired" attack ad didn't seem to win her any new fans.
Who would you vote for if the election were held today? (June results)

Murphy: 42% (34%)

Johnson: 42% (43%)

Undecided: 12% (21%)

Will you definitely vote for Murphy/Johnson, or might you change your mind before the election?

Murphy: 78% Definite, 21% Might Change

Johnson: 68% Definite, 31% Might Change
In short, people want a change in Washington and Nancy Johnson needs to exit stage right. Her tenure in Congress has only help her deep pockets as she rakes in the money from special interest groups and voters want someone who will go in a new direction.