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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Republcian Speaker Dennis Hastert grilled over his role in the Foley cover-up

As each passing day goes by, I become more fascinated with the implosion of the Republican Party and their leaders role in the Mark Foley cover-up.

You see, conservatives have long considered themselves the Party of morality and decency while attacking Democrats on this topic whenever they get a chance. How ironic it is to see the Republicans in hot water now.

Unlike the Jack Abramoff which involves all types of dirty dealings and political lingo, the Mark Foley case is simple and easy for Americans to understand; Foley is a pervert who likes boys...nuff said. The fact that the Republicans knew about this months (if not years) ago has everyone in America outraged and rightfully so.

The latest in a long list of Republicans on the chopping block, House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Watch as Hastert stumbles through this interview on America Morning earlier today. Poor guy can barely keep his glasses on his face and lie at the same time and even tops the interview off by pulling the Condi Rice "I don't remember" card. I swear he look so beat up in the interview that it look like he about to drool on himself.

Why is this important in Connecticut you ask? Well, before this disgusting scandal broke, the Democrats needed to gain 15 seats to take back control of the house and with the help of Foley, that number just went down to 14. When you add in the fact that several Republicans covered this story up, expect that magic number to go down even further. Connecticut has three seats up for grabs and the Democrats have a possibility in winning all the races.

As that magic number continues to go down, the more important it is for the Democratic Party to win big in Connecticut.