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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The lying liars at camp Joementum strike again.

I interrupt this blog for another DANGERstein alert.

Here are the details.
Meanwhile, nationally syndicated columnist Robert Novak reported last weekend that a Lieberman campaign fundraiser held last week in Washington, D.C., shows that President Bush has "moved a step closer" to Lieberman's re-election bid.

A Lieberman campaign spokeswoman, Tammy Sun, had told the Journal Inquirer that the fundraiser - which she said netted the three-term incumbent $400,000 - was organized by the campaign itself and had no prominent sponsors.


A top Lieberman campaign aide, Dan Gerstein, said today that he didn't know whether Novak was correct to identify Kuhn and Shelby as sponsors of the fundraiser.

George W. Bush moved a step closer to Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman's re-election bid in Connecticut as an independent candidate when Tom Kuhn, the president's college roommate and close friend, co-sponsored a Lieberman fund-raising luncheon Thursday in downtown Washington.

Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute, raised more than $100,000 for Bush in the 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns. Also among the Lieberman event's sponsors was Rick Shelby, a longtime Republican operative who is executive vice president of the American Gas Association.

The luncheon's sponsors pressed fellow Republican lobbyists to pay a minimum of $1,000 a ticket. Lieberman has announced he will stay in the Democratic caucus if re-elected.

But Republicans backing him against anti-war candidate Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee, hope for a change of heart by Lieberman.
Joe Lieberman (R-CT)

UPDATE: Who do you believe, the conservative Bob Novak, or Joe Lieberman campaign?