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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rell gets on the bus...again.

Oh man, here we go again.

Why does Gov. Rell do things like this?
...the governor was in New Britain, standing at a vacant lot where a bus terminal would be built if the long-stalled New Britain-to-Hartford busway ever opens. Rell chose the site to say $4.6 million in state bond funding was earmarked for the project.
Now, this busway nonsense is old news, real old news yet the governor is making a show of this in an effort to show that she's actually doing something.
Local politicians have been talking about the busway for at least eight years; construction wouldn't start until 2008, and the first bus wouldn't roll until 2012. Even a staunch supporter of the busway called it "old news."

This type of stunt is nothing new to those who follow the governor's activities and John DeStefano called her out on this stunt.
And her Democratic challenger, John DeStefano, charged that it is no coincidence the governor announced busway funding just six weeks before the Nov. 7 election - but nearly six years before the busway could open.

"She's using taxpayers' money for what are clearly campaign events," said Derek Slap, DeStefano's spokesman. "As the governor continues to use public tax dollars to fuel her campaign events, you're going to see a presence" of protesters from the DeStefano campaign.

There is nothing new from this governor, just re-announcing old initiatives and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.
Local legislators from New Britain, along with the mayor, had gathered at the city-owned vacant lot - the site of a former supermarket that has been kept undeveloped in anticipation of the busway. State Rep. John Geragosian, D-New Britain, a major busway supporter, said the project had already been announced and re-announced in the past.

"I'm sure it's six or seven times," Geragosian said at Rell's announcement. "This is nothing new. I'm sure she's doing this all over the place."