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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Danbury Anti-Immigrant Xenophobes To Latino Community: "Speak English or DIE"

(Is this the type of Connecticut we want? This is an important cross post I wrote on My Left Nutmeg and originally covered on my other blog, Hat City Blog (stories here and here).

For the last month, I've attempted to bring to everyone's attention the shameless mentality of the Republican Party in Danbury. Now I've talked about the political silliness of the Republican majority but now, I'm going to expose you digusting ultra conservative side of the Party that has a chokehold on the area.

Under the leadership of Republican Mayor Mark Boughton, I've watched as a once quiet city has become a hot-bed of radical extremism, bigotry, and outright hatred.

This picture tells the story. Now, it's bad enough that the wanna-be skinhead can hold such a disgusting sign...what's even worse is that REPUBLICAN-ELECTED OFFICIALS had no problem standing next to this jerk.

Look at the woman on the left hand side of this disgusting image. That person just happens to be the Danbury's City Clerk, Jean Natale.

Now could you imagine if a Democratic official stood next to a pro-immigrant supporter who held a sign stating "kill all xenophobes" or "White people, speak Spanish or Die". Yet, people like Natale , and others such as Republican Majority leader and State Rep candidate Pauline Basso will stand next to people who echo this type of sick mentality.

The usual excuse I hear from the xenophobes is "we're not racist, we just against illegal immigrants." Where in that sign do you see anything about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? The statement expressed in this disgusting sign is at the core of their belief that their vision of old Danbury (which was something right out of a Norman Rockwell picture) is being radically altered by non-white Latinos.

Mayor Boughton is leading the fight against the illegal immigration and is using extreme measures against the immigrant community as a whole.

What we need is common sense approaches to the problem of illegal immigration, not extremism.
This is the type of stuff you don't see in the media.

This is the type of stuff Jodi Rell won't talk about (she lives in the town next door).

This is the type of stuff the mayor doesn't want YOU to see.

I'll make sure the real story about the troubles in my city are told to the public.

For more on this story, read how this latest episode started at Hat City Blog. Also, if you're just as outraged as I am, please feel free to leave a comment here or on my blog.


UPDATE: I called Jean Natale the Town Clerk when she's actually the City Clerk. My bad and BTW: the Town Clerk, Lori Kaback is a really cool Dem.
UPDATE 2: Post editied for grammar and content. I know, I know...spell check.