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Friday, September 08, 2006

Keith Olbermann in Fear Factor: the Bush Administration editon

Here we go again. The Bush administration using the fear card as we approach Sept 11th. I thought it was very convient that the President admitted that there are CIA secret prisons although I thought admitting that would be bad since it would tip off the terrorist? And by the way, did the President admitted to something that could be illegal?

Isn't amazing what a Supreme Court decision can make you do? ANd since we're using the fear card, where is Osama? Oh yeah, Pakistan announced that they made a peace deal with the warlords who are allowing Osama to walk free (remember what Bush said about people who harbor terrorist).

Do you feel safe with these guys running the show?

Keith Olbermann does his thing and breaks all the silliness from the Bush administration.

NOTE: This is how supporters of Lieberman think of Lamont (and don't forget that this image is from a site on Lieberman's own blogroll which he recently removed).