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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Live blogging: The results

9:50: Lieberman 48%
Lamont 52%

54% of precincts reporting.

Heard Lieberman's camp were jumping for joy but the media had the numbers wrong and had it 52 Lieberman, 48 Lamont.

Ha ha.

(sorry guys, the connection here is bad and it's hard to stay online.)

9:35 P.M.: Seems like Joe lose his momentum (for now).

45% of precincts
Lamont 76,000
Lieberman 66,000

I'm at the Ned Lamont blogger war room and the results are coming in right now. Things seem good for Lamont so far the night is not over yet.

253 precincts in out 743

Lamont 60,000
Lieberman 50,000

I'll be back soon. Need to get around...