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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Primary Day live blogging

6:25 P.M.: Cheap asses.
Two posts down it's clear that Lieberman's website isn't suffering from a Denial of Service attack.

But now I have the definitive answer as to why Lieberman's site went down.

They are paying $15/month for hosting at a place called MyHostCamp, with a bandwidth limit of 10GB. MyHostCamp is currently down, along with all their clients.

Here's the deal -- you get what you pay for. My hosting bill is now over $7K per month. A smaller site doesn't need that much bandwidth, but if you're paying $15 because your $12 million campaign is too freakin' cheap to pay for quality hosting, then don't go blaming your opponent when your shitty service goes out.

For their part, the Lamont campaign has offered its technical expertise to get Lieberman's site back up (which could be done in an hour by a competent sysadmin), and has added a link to the googlecached version of Lieberman's site at the top of their blog.

One side is acting mature, the other is running around making baseless accusations.

Update: Dan Gerstein, Lieberman spokesperson, admits they have no evidence Lamont's campaign or his supporters are behind their website woes.

I'm telling you, it's down because they were too cheap to pay for quality hosting. That's a lesson to all of you campaigns skimping on hosting. $15 won't cut it.

Update II: Joe's site shares one server with 73 other sites. They pay $15/month for an overcrowded server, and then they blame others when it goes down? Full list of sites on Joe's server on the flip.

Update III: From an email:

MeetNed.com - Up.
Joe2006.com - Down.
DoS attacks don't affect particular accounts on a server. They bring down the whole server. The attack site is up, their campaign site is down. This isn't a DoS attack.

Will the Lieberman campaign reimburse state and federal investigators wasting resources to confirm that the site went down because the campaign was too cheap to hire a quality hosting provider?
I'll up the ante Markos, didn't Smith break the law?
Now that the alleged Hacking story has been 100% debunked the next question is whether Sean Smith, Joe Lieberman's campaign manager, will be held accountable for filing complaints with the Connecticut Attorney General and Chief State's Attorney's offices. Connecticut's Penal Code includes:

Sec. 53a-180c. Falsely reporting an incident in the second degree: Class A misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of falsely reporting an incident in the second degree when, knowing the information reported, conveyed or circulated to be false or baseless, such person gratuitously reports to a law enforcement officer or agency (1) the alleged occurrence of an offense or incident which did not in fact occur, (2) an allegedly impending occurrence of an offense or incident which in fact is not about to occur, or (3) false information relating to an actual offense or incident or to the alleged implication of some person therein.

(b) Falsely reporting an incident in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

Not only did the Lieberman campaign lie to the press, but it appears they may have violated the law.
Oh, how I would like for the man to put the bracelets on Smith.

6:15 P.M.: Joe Lieberman running as an indy "a done deal" according to reports, the decision to go the indy route was sealed when the last poll showing Lamont only up by 6 percent came out.

5:55 P.M.: From the ConnecticutBLOG vault, here's an oldie but goodie I've posted a couple of times before. Since most are new to this site, I thought you might get a kick out watching this.

From the anti-war rally in Hartford back in March 2006, here is the activist-based theater group HeartBeat Ensemble preforming "Jeopardy: The Bush Administration Edition featuring George's favorite Democrat"

It involves goofing on Joe Lieberman so I know eveyone will get a kick out of it.

5:50 P.M.: Since team Joementum is whining about their crappy website, I thought we could get to the bottom of the mystery by doing a little poll. Everyone join in the fun!

Who is to blame for Joe Lieberman's site problem
Ned Lamont's campaign (it's all Tim's fault)
Supporters/Pro-Lamont bloggers
A non-political hacker who just wants to piss off Lieberman
Joe Lieberman's campaign (taking a page out of Karl Rove's book)
Who cares
Free polls from Pollhost.com

UPDATE: Other readers offer their views on the Lieberman hack.

Remember when Carl Rove accused his opponent of bugging his office when he himself did it?

This sounds like the same thing!

Sounds like the same to me also.

Here's another comment.

hi there ctblogger -

given the fact that it is bizarre that the lieberman site was as
vulnerable as it was, i wonder if this is a stunt being pulled by the
libernasties in order to generate negative buzz against ned lamont
("he's an evil hacker?! doesn't that make him a terrorist?").
remember, joe still has his senate website and you can surely contact
the campaign through his senate email server. so, i think that this
is a ruse. i wouldn't put it past joe's people - and joe himself -
to do something this down low and dirty.
Oh, I think you're on to something there...my spidey sense is tingling.

5:20 P.M.: I thought since it seems like the entire planet is reading this site, that it would be cool to entertain everyone with some of my best Lamont videos.

Since I am really known introducing everyone to the concept of videoblogging, I should show everyone my skills.

The following videoclip is an interview I conducted with Rev. Jesse Jackson and he offered his views on why he supports Ned Lamont.

I'll bring you other video clips throughout the day as I do some reporting.


UPDATE: Here's anohter video clip from the campaign trail. Rep Maxine Waters and Marcy Kaptur both came to Connecticut recently and I was able to talk to them about why they support Lamont. Also interviewed was State Rep. Peter Tercyak who had no problem offering his opinion on George Bush's favorite Democrat.

Watch and enjoy.

5:10 P.M.: Man, the emails are coming in at a fast pace. Keep them coming!
I just got back from canvassing in the outskirts of New Haven. The latest rumour in the office is that Joe has cancelled the rest of his events for the day. I haven't been able to confirm this, but maybe someone can do some investigative work.

Also, spirits are high here, but New Haven is the kickass office, so who knows how well the rest of the state is doing. Turnout is through the roof in their targetted districts.

And as a side note, all of New Haven has been on the fritz because there was a massive spill on 95 north that closed the northbound lanes for 8 hours. Ned's in the office looking as cool as a cucumber, so it doesn't like the mayhem has fased him.

5:05 P.M.: Just heard that Tim Tagaris, Internet Communications Director for Ned Lamont's campaign, went off on the radio and gave the "Chicago" smackdown on team Joementum over the bullshit hacker non-story. He had a few words for aholes Sean Smith and Dan Gerstein as well.

Attaboy Tim, take the gloves off!

Tune in to 1080 WTIC or click here to hear the local angle on this race online.

5:00: Another report from a volunteer
I volunteered with the Lamont campaign to stand outside of Guilford's 2nd District polling place (Calvin Leete Elementary School). I arrived about 8:30 and left about 4:00 when another volunteer arrived to take my place.

During that time there was no sign of any Lieberman volunteers. Turnout was very heavy in the morning and remained fairly steady throughout the day. I am sure that turnout for the day will be very high. In general my impressions were that the district was going heavily for Lamont. Of course, I have no firm empirical basis for this assertion, but the number of thumbs-up, and other overt signs of support, plus the number of people who outright told me they would be voting for Ned, leads me to believe that a 70-30 split to Ned's advantage might be a reasonable guess for the 2nd District in Guilford.

I also was impressed by the energy of the voters. Several informed me that they had switched from independent to Democrat just to vote for Ned. A number of people also expressed their hope that Connecticut would be able to send a message to the rest of the country about our disatisfaction with the current direction of national politics with a strong Ned win today.

After showing the flag for Ned, I headed over to my own (3rd District) polling place to cast my ballot. Turnout there also appeared to be high. I waited in line for longer than I did in the 2004 Presidential election, at four in the afternoon! This is a testament to the number of people voting, and not a slur on the election officials operating that polling place, who were courteous and efficient

Overall I am extremely confident about Ned's chances in Guilford and think that nice weather and high turnout are working very much to Ned's benefit and Lieberman's detriment. Even though some unknown malcontent stole my Lamont sign from my front lawn last night (and possibly other local lawns given numerous voter comments to me that we, the Lamont campaign, didn't have very many signs in town) justice will prevail in the end!

Thanks! That was a wonderful report.

COME ON GUYS! Keep those voter stories coming. Email me with your experience...the whole country is watching.

4:50 P.M.: Dang! I forgot to tell everyone, you can listen to the local talk show Bruce and Colin as they'll provide you with all the primary information from Connecticut. Turn off that national news and listen to the local opinion.

Listen by clicking here.

4:30 P.M.: Lamontblog gives us his voter experience from Waterbury.
Just got back from pollstanding in Waterbury. Hot sun, friendly people. Voting is really a civic event in neighborhoods like this. People take their kids, old acquaintances see each other for the first time in a year or two.

The three Lieberman volunteers - young teenagers - at the polling place were dropped off by a van, and spent most of the afternoon sitting underneath a tree talking on their cellphones, ignoring the voters. I wish I had brought my camera. They must have enjoyed the paycheck.

Oh, that T-Party is a witty one indeed.

BTW: Since this stupid Lieberman site hacking thing is becomming a story on the shameless news, a couple of questions.

1. Shouldn't the Lieberman campaign have a complete back-up of thier site?

2. Just how long should it take to get a site back online? They were able to change the text on the site several times so shouldn't they be able to get the site up and running? It's been over 12 hours?

If any techie wants to chime in, please email me and I'll post your response.

UPDATE: A techie who commented at CLP chimes in:
I'm a web developer, not an actual sys admin, but I can tell you this much: the Lieberman campaign SHOULD have a full backup of the site, the database, redundant servers and power supplies. They SHOULD have several alternate domain names to redirect the primary domain towards, and each of those domains should be set up on a different server with at least a "bare bones" version of the website (the static stuff at least).

For that matter, I'm a bit stunned that a campaign as large and expensive as this one is doesn't have their web server in-house in the first place (instead of using an external 3rd-party hosting company). That's the sort of thing I'd expect from someone running for state house or city council, not the United States Senate (especially an incumbant!). I have no idea whether the Lamont campaign site is hosted in-house or not but I'd be pretty surprised if it isn't.

The bulk of the Lieberman campaign's static content (positions, photos, media files, etc) should have already been hosted on at least one backup site, hosted separately, at (for example) lieberman2006.com or something like that. In that situation, all they would have to do would be to change the name servers to repoint towards the alternate site--or, at worst, put a "this site has moved HERE" link on joe2006.com, just like you'd see on the simplest mom & pop site.

None of this is meant to forgive whoever took it down, but it shows a stunningly sloppy IT team at the Lieberman camp IMHO.

Genghis offers his two cents on the matter and his views on the race.
In the end, I don't think the hacking of Lieberman's website is going to matter either way.

I did just get word that Lieberman has cancelled his last two events of the day, which were supposed to be in Waterbury and Bristol.

There are reports of pretty decent turnout coming in from all over the state. Could be as high as 30% by the end of the day, or higher.
Genghis will be live blogging from Lieberman HQ later today.

4:15 P.M: Email are coming in now (thanks to all). Keep emailing me your voting stories and I'll post them on the blog!

Received this email a while ago.
Susan Bysiewicz is calling for a very heavy turnout today from reports she's receiving. She predicted 40% or more but now thinks that it'll be even higher. That's kind of startling. I thought 30-35% would be a huge turnout.

Well, that's news to me since I haven't seen a large turnout yet in Danbury but I'll have a better picture of things later today when I can spend more time on the road.

Another person chimes in from Stamford:
I am at stamford polling station. One voter claimed that most stamford residents hate joe because he's never here. Stamford feels neglected by joe. I did come across hard-core joe supporters...my my sense is that ned will win here.


A reader from Brookfield sets the record straight about the what happened earlier today.
If you saw all the construction going on at the High School and Huckleberry (our two normal polling places), you'd probably understand why they needed to move the locations. In our town, no one walks to the polls (well, less than a handful), so it shouldn't make a major difference that they moved all polling to Center School. We sure don't have a ton of Democrats here anyway (only three houses on my block had registered Democrats on the list when I looked today, and that’s up one since 2004). We've been seeing signs about the location change for at least a week or so. I really don’t see any conspiracy involved here. There are times things just happen.

I'm a Lamont voter too.

In retrospect, I should have thought about the construction. Thanks for you email and clearing everything up!

A reader from Plainville gives us the run-down.
Voted today in Plainville, CT at 12:15ish. Turnout seemed low, especially for the lunch-break time of day. I walked into the school and was second in line to vote. Voting went smoothly. Walked out to find a Lamont supporter kid hanging out and asked him to give me a sticker. :) Didn't see any Lieberman folks at all outside of the school.

Thanks for the info everyone.

See, isn't this fun! Come on, give me your emails and photos and help keep the country informed and get the real story out there.

Another reader emailed me some photos of from Lamont's Bridgeport headquarters.

4:00: Just came back from checking out the polling places in Danbury. The turnout at one site is rather light but the turnout should pick up after 4:00. There were two volunteers from the Lamont campaign who I saw earlier in the day and I asked them about how things were going. Actually, I was able to get a video interview and I'll have that posted later today.

Interesting things:

1. Do Malloy or DeStefano lawn signs or visibility whatsoever. Very strange.

2. Absolutely NO Lieberman visibility. I was told the a couple of people from the Lieberman campaingn came and held a sign for about a hour and took off.

3. As I did my interviews, I counted five people who passed by me and each said they were voting for Lamont. I was able to conduct an interview with one voter who had no problem expressing her views regarding Lieberman.

I'll be back on the road as soon. Wow, what a day!

2:00: TheC chimes in with a report from West Hartford:

I am in West Hartford, and let me tell you folks - West Hartford is for Ned! I was working at one polling location and it was easily 50+ votes for Ned and maybe 3 for Joe during the time I was there. And people were pumped up. They would give me thumbs up or come talk to me for a while. People are motivated.

As for that vaunted Lieberman army, I haven't seen them yet. There were only Lamont workers at the polls I visited including one in an African-American neighborhood in Hartford. While at the West Hartford campaign offfice, I overheard telephone conversations where the staff member was asking if Lieberman people were out at other polls and, to their surprise, there were none. Same report I got from a Malloy volunteer who supported Lamont from another poll where he had been. Granted, this is all annecdotal, but its the best we can do right now. West Hartford is only one town, but it is fairly decent sized and it votes. They expect 50% turnout today, which is huge in a primary. I had heard there were already 1000 absentee ballots turned in from West Hartford alone. There is still a lot of day left, but I feel really good so far. People are out in force and they want change. Keep up the hard work fellow Nutmeggers! We can win this one today! Share your stories below!

I going to hit the streets and check out the polling places. I'll be back with a report soon (and hopefully some video).

1:40: Sean Smith spreading lies again.


"For the past 24 hours the Friends for Joe Lieberman’s website and email has been totally disrupted and disabled, we believe that this is the result of a coordinated attack by our political opponents. The campaign has notified the US Attorney and the Connecticut Chief State's Attorney and the campaign will be filing a formal complaint reflecting our concerns. The campaign has also notified the State Attorney General Dick Blumenthal for his review."

"We call on Ned Lamont to make an unqualified statement denouncing this kind of dirty campaign trick and to demand whoever is responsible to cease and desist immediately. Any attempt to suppress voter participation and undermine the voting process on Election Day is deplorable and has no place in our democracy."
Without any evidence, Smith has the nerve to say that Lamont supporters are hacking into Joe Lieberman's site.

Hey Sean, PROVE IT! Prove to the world that Joe Lieberman's site was attacked ny a pro-Lamont supporter.

I dare you.

While you're at it, why don't you appoligize for the incident at Ted's last week when Richard Goodstein and the LieberKidz not only verbally assulted Ned Lamont, but created a dangerous situation for everyone at the place (didn't someone get hurt Sean? Wasn't the whole thing reported on in the local paper Sean?)

I'm still waiting for a apology from you for your race-baiting flyers placed in the African-American communities claiming that Ned Lamont didn't care about race relations until he entered the senate race (I guess a guy from Greenwich who volunteers his time teach in a inner city school in Bridgeport means nothing).

Fucking asshole, I can't wait for Smith to get his pink slip tomorrow...hopefully, he'll never get a job as a Democratic campaign manager ever again (now I have a better understanding about why Kerry lost).

Here's the response from the Lamont campaign.
Apparently the Lieberman campaign is pushing a story that we have coordinated an attack against their website. Not a chance. Here'’s the unqualified statement Sean Smith has called for.

If Senator Lieberman's website was indeed hacked, we had absolutely no part in it, denounce the action, and urge whoever is responsible cease and desist immediately. It is our sincerest wish that everyone planning to vote for Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman does so today.

Tim Tagaris
Internet Communications Director
Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

Hacking is not cool and NO blogger would do something like that. Joe's site sucked anyway. No information on his "public events", no inforamtion on any of the issues that placed him in this primary in the first place (funny how there was no statement about Iraq on his site). In short, I could care less about that crappy site and I'm sure all the other bloggers feel the same way.

Dan Geary, do you have any evidence that the site was attacked by a Lamont supporter? I'm sure you reading my site since we talked to each other in a earlier thread so could you email me and get back to me please. If you have no proof, you should come out with a statement denouncing Smith's statement. What Smith said was wrong and he shouldn't be allowed to spread stuff like this on television. Since you maintain the site, it's only right that you come out with a statement of your own. It's not right for Smith to accuse Lamont supporters of something that can't be proven.

All I know, someone from Lieberman's team or a pro-Lieberman person hacked the site for the sole purpose of allowing the Lieberman team to accuse Lamont supporters/blog of bringing down the site.

Very Karl Rove-like and since I've seen worst from team Joementum, I wouldn't be surprise if they were really behind the whole thing.

1:30: Corrected polling info for South Windsor (via My Left Nutmeg):
Via the Journal Inquirer comes this updated info:

District 1: Pleasant Valley School, 591 Ellington Road.
District 2: Eli Terry School, 569 Griffin Road.
District 3: South Windsor High School, 161 Nevers Road.
District 4: Philip R. Smith School, 949 Avery St.
District 5: Timothy Edwards Middle School, 100 Arnold Way.

1:00: Here are some reports from people out at the polls.

(Remember, please email me your voting experiences today).

First report from the ground: just got back from pollstanding in Newtown this morning. A very receptive and nice crowd, though quite low-key. The highlight, though, was when we went to vote...

We left pollstanding around 9:30 and went to our polling place to vote. While there, I saw a man come out of the booth with a baby. As they were walking out, the man took the baby's hand and said, "Say bye-bye Joe!" It was so awesome.

50 as of 11:30 in Hamden's 6th. I spoke with my town councilman and he said that's high for this district, which has a historical anti-incumbent lean and he predicted a big margin for Ned in Hamden. I had a lot of thumbs up and only two guys who told me they were for Joe (Lexus for Lieberman).

A registrar came by and had me remove the lawn sign from school property. I complied but don't remember the campaign saying anything about this. I seem to recall our Dem registrar is a woman, so the gentleman must have been the Republican. But I can still carry my rally card, and with no LieberKidz showing up I don't really care about the lawn sign.

Hartford (West-end)
the only LieberKid I saw here at my Hartford Westend polling place was one kid waving a Lieberman sign as if his life depended on it, but he soon got tired of jumping up and down.

all in all, everything here is very very orderly & calm, but this is also heavy lamont country here.

I voted a straight B line, ie, I also voted for DeStefano; those malloy attack ads against DeStefano were gross, and I wanted to punish malloy for that.

Branford (killer post):
Just back from four-plus hours of poll watching duty in Branford's fourth district and I am much more hopeful than I was after grumping through the third and (thank God!) final Blogger central gathering last night.

Overall, turnout seemed light, which conventional wisdom says is good for Lamont. I was surprised that they have alloted less space and fewer voting booths than I'm used to here.

Poll watcher turnout was also light. I was the sole Lamont representative there until I was relived just after ten and I was surprised (quite pleasantly) that there was zero Lieberman presence. I had expected paid LieberYouth to be hurling imprecations at me. Perhaps those rumors of Joe scaling back his GOTV efforts were true.


Poll watching, for those who don't know, is a pretty simple, even brainless activity. Your "job" is to be a smiling, cheerful presence for the campaign. You can't approach closer than 75 feet from the door to the polling station and you cannot accost people of press campaign literature on them. To keep the poll workers inside happy, Evon and I carefully instructed voters to remove any buttons and hide any campaign flyers before entering the polling place.

I waved to people and said helpful things like, "Hope you vote for Ned." I also ahd fun passing out Kiss buttons, generously supplied by Ctkeith. I also made it a point to call out to people leaving the polls, "Thank you for voting, sir!" If they said, "I didn't vote for your guy" (a few did) I'd say "The important thing is you voted."


If people stopped by to chat (and a few did) we chatted. One independent who wasn't voting asked why I was supporting Lamont. She said that to be a politician you need to know how to wheel and deal and engage in back room politics and she wanted to know how neophyte Lamont could do that. I told her I disagreed with her on her basic premise, but urged her to seek out Lamont on the campaign trail where she could ask the question directly to him and get an honest answer.

Another gentlemen stopped by to say he had switched from Unaffiliated to vote for Lamont. Still another fellow told us he has personally gotten 20 friends to register. One lady couldn't vote because she didn't realize she was registered Unaffiliated. I got her name and she'll be a Democrat by week's end.


Although I made no attempt to do any formal exit polling, the impression I got from positive comments and the number of people who gladly accepted Kiss buttons, the fourth distruct in Branford is going for Lamont by at least 60/40, maybe more.

But you can't extrapolate state-wide from a single precinct and the polls will be open until 8 tonight. So please don't relax your efforts. If you haven't voted yet, do. And bring friends with you.

If you have voted, get on the phone and harrass your friends to do likewise.

If you have the time, volunteer. If push comes to shove, just show up at a polling place and get put to work.

Here are some images from today in New Haven:

11:30: Hearing reports of strange things happening in various cities. Here's a report from WTNH about voting problems in New Haven.
Voters hoping to cast their ballot first thing in the morning found the voting machines closed and locked at one New Haven location.

The polls opened statewide at 6:00 a.m., but not at the Davis Street Magnet School in New Haven.

The problem was a combination of workers showing up late and moderators not being prepared to unlock the machines.

"I found no tables and the voting booths were closed ," Dr. Herbert Sacks told News Channel 8. "At 6:00 a.m. they're not prepared to go. I find this utterly weird because this election has been touted as a very important bellwether of what's happening in our state and in our country."

"There were no official workers," election moderator Marilyn Rey said, "so unless I have a worker to verify what I was doing with the machines I would not pop the seal."

In the end a councilperson came and helped Rey out and the polls were opened just before 6:30, but six people turned around and left without casting their vote.

"It's a shame that in America we are disenfranchising people who are trying to vote and given the rates of voting I don't think that is a very smart thing to be doing," Robert Schoenberger

One voter who left said this was his only chance of the day to cast his ballot.

If anyone has a problem voting today, please email me. I heard of strange things happening in Brookfield (person is a good friend of mine so his word is gold) and in other areas so please keep me informed.

Find your polling places here.

UPDATE: Entry was updated with links and grammar fixes.

10:00 AM: Hello America. Welcome to ConnecticutBLOG. I'm your host, ctblogger and I'll be your guide for today. Everything that happens today will be in this one post. If you want to learn about my first encounter with Ned Lamont and (what some consider) the birth of videoblogging as we know it today, go here.

Throughout the day, I'll post videos from the last eight months and give you a feeling of what it was like to be in Connecticut following the senate and governor's races. Although there are two important primary races happening today, my main focus has been following Ned Lamont but I will update everyone on what’s happening between Dan Malloy and John DeStefano also.

So lets begin...

I just voted today.

I woke up bright and early, watch the news and did a couple of posts. Afterwards, I kissed my wife goodbye and made my way to my voting area. I arrived at the school nervous about waht I would see and it my delight, every person I saw was a Lamont supporter and I could tell because they either had Lamont bumper stickers on their car and/or had a Lamont button attached to them. Now, there were only about ten people there but at least I was in good company.

I went inside the school, showed my ID, walked into the voting booth and pulled the handle, which closed the curtain behind me.

I looked at the choices. 3A, Joe Lieberman and 3B, Ned Lamont. I didn't see anything else, just those two names and a million thoughts ran through my mind.

I recalled the first time meeting Ned in New Haven when I introduced myself and told him that he'll be seeing a lot of me pointing a camera in his face. I recalled his first appearance in Southbury and how that town was so impressed with him, that they gave all their delegate votes for him at the convention. I recalled seeing the repeated pattern of witnessing people who had idea who Ned Lamont was turn into believers after they heard the man speak. I remember when Ned stunned everyone in the state (except those who followed him) when he won over 30 percent of the delegate vote at the State Convention and saying to myself, "he's going to win this thing."

I recall meeting CTkeith and TrueBlueCT for the first time and Keith handing me my first "The Kiss" button and saying to myself "oh, I'm in good company" and traveled with these guys and produced some of the best reporting I've done to date (i.e. capturing Joe's first "independent" comment in audio, anti-war rally in Hartford, the birth of dad's "The Kiss" float and watching it pissed Lieberman off as it traveled everywhere Joe went).

Finally, I remember the lies of Joe Lieberman and his campaign. I recalled the arrogance of a man who felt entitled to his senate seat and pulled every dirty trick to hold on to that seat. "Lieberman did all he could to avoid talking about the issues," I said to myself. "He truly doesn't care about anyone but himself and I witnessed it all with my own eyes. I didn't need the media telling me anything because I saw it and recorded everything with my camera. I can't be fooled.

In the end, it all comes down this so I pressed that 3B button as hard as I could and whispered, "this is for Ned."

I looked at the choices for governor and felt like flipping a coin. In the end, no one could tell the difference between Malloy and DeStefano and no matter what they say now, they're more alike than different. I feel like I could support any of those guys against Gov. Rell so I'm not even going to say who picked because I don't think it makes much of a difference. I interviewed both candidates and in the end, I like both of the guys.

I can't say that about Joe Lieberman.

So I walk out the school and I see more people showing up to vote. No Lieberman visibility to be seen and plenty of love for Lamont. I talked to a Lamont volunteer who's a lawyer and is in the National Guard. He's the guy who soldiers go towards when they need information on wills before taking off to Iraq. I'm not going to get into what he said because it's too damn depressing but in the end, he said "what in the hell are we doing over there" and he's pissed that Joe Lieberman refuses to hold the President accountable for anything including this God-awful war which is costing us lives.

I proudly shook his hand and said "hopefully today is the start of a change."

I voted today and damnit, it feels good. I only wish everyone could share this feeling.

No matter what happens, it's a great day to be in Connecticut.