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Sunday, August 20, 2006

John Edwards blasts Lieberman, apologizes for Iraq War vote

I've been so busy working on video that I overlooked these key moments from John Edwards appearance when he campaigned for Ned Lamont in New Haven earlier last week.

I went over to Lamontblog and Crooks and Liars and noticed that they linked to my video and quoted a remark Edwards made during the online media press conference:

I do not think Lieberman should be running. I do not believe he should be running as an Independent. I mean, if he ran as a Democrat, he asked Democratic voters to vote for him, they chose someone else, you know, we have to show respect for the people who voted in the primary. So, I would go further than just being for Lamont. I do not think that Lieberman should be running.

I also noticed that they quoted Edwards remark during his speech that Paul Bass from the New Haven Independent picked up on...
"I voted for this war. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have voted for this war. I take responsibility for that," Edwards said. He apologized to the troops stuck in the quagmire in Iraq; unlike the Senate, they did nothing wrong, he said.
Well, reading quotes is one thing, but watching the actual video is another matter so here's my quick video clip of Edwards making these two remarks last week.
I will have the video of the entire Lamont rally from New Haven posted later.