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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Help me count Joe Lieberman's lies

Oh my goodness. There is only one word to describe Joe Lieberman interview from this morning and it's D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E.

Did you see Joe Lieberman on Face the Nation this morning? This will go down as one of the most distorted lying sack-of-crap interviews Lieberman has ever done to date.

Talk about a person who is completely out of touch with reality and will say anything to keep his senate seat.

Not only did Lieberman looked completely uncomfortable answering questions (notice how he didn't directly answer any question), the dishonest buffoon told so many lies and distortions that I couldn't keep track (i.e, trying to link Iraq to 9-11), and basically smeared Ned Lamont (cut and run) and the Democratic Party (I want to give ALL the people of Connecticut a choice in terms of who they want as senator not just the 15 percent who voted in the primary).

There is so much to pick out of his incredibly awful interview that I've decided to play a little game with you guys.

Here's what I'm going to do...

I'll post Lieberman's entire stupid performance from today and you guys help me pick out every silly lie DINOBoy told using the following format:

a. Point out Joe's lie in the interview.

b. Explain why it's a lie and give me evidence to back up your claim (i.e. Joe saying he's been critical of the President's performance in managing the war versus his op-ed piece in which he chastized Democrats who criticize the President). Giving me links to Joe's past comments which contradicts what he's said today is a plus (giving me video is a BIG plus.)

Later, I'll start a post in which I'll display your responses. This will be an ongoing post that should take up the entire blog seeing that Joe told so many fat lies so spread the word and lets all have fun at LIEberman's expense.

UPDATE: The repsonse to this post has been amazing so far with a majority of comments coming from my cross post at My Left Nutmeg but I want to hear form more of you guys. Remember, take a lie Joe told today and show me how it's a lie by using his own words against him (video is a BIG PLUS).

Making Joe Lieberman look like a fool is a no-brainer so check out the video and get in on the action!

UPDATE 2 Okay, I'm going to up the ante on this game. Details to come soon...oh, this is getting really good!