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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Did Jim Vandehei just call Joe Lieberman a Republican?

Washinton Post reporter Jim Vandehei calls it like he's sees it on Face the Nation this morning regarding the senate race and I'm in complete agreement.

Did Jim Vandehei call Joe Lieberman a Republican?
Yes, he knows a Republican when he sees one
No, it was a "slip of the tongue" (wink, wink)
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UPDATE: Bonus footage:

Man, Vandehei was on a roll today. Watch as he sets Bob Schieffer straight regarding the latest Q-poll and why Lieberman is ahead of Lamont (why am I not surprised Schieffer didn't bring this up during his interview with DINOBoy).

Hey Jim, when you come visit Connecticut, stop by Sullivan's and the first drink is on me!