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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Oh man, I'm beginning to understand the madness behind WTNH's Mark "plain talking" Davis. It's not that he's right-winged or liberal minded, he's just out of his fucking mind.

UPDATE: Davis explains the reason behind the madness and I have to say, I think he has a very good point regarding Joe Lieberman and his team controlling the press on primary night (I think I just heard Mark fall out of his chair).
On Primary night we had been reliably informed that Senator Lieberman would make his speech at approximately 11PM and would formally announce his independent bid to run in November despite the outcome of the Primary. His "campaign handlers" informed us there would be no interviews despite the fact that we had requested after speech interviews for days.

This meant that Senator Lieberman would have total control of the WTNH Channel 8 broadcast franchise for 15 or more minutes to send his message to viewers at a time when the largest number of news viewers would be watching. Total control of the public airwaves without being challenged in any way!

Every other television reporter, both local and network and cable channel, was tethered by wires and cables to the area that Senator Lieberman's handlers had selected. Keeping them all at a distance of at least 100 feet from him. The WTNH technical staff had made me the only reporter in the nation to be totally wireless with the ability to go where I needed to go and ask the questions that needed to be asked on behalf of the owners of WTNH, the viewers.

A record and historic number of Connecticut registered Democrats had just gone to the polls and rejected Senator Lieberman as their candidate in favor of Ned Lamont by a margin of 10-thousand votes. I felt I had an obligation to ask him how he could proceed now that it was certain he would be abandoned by the Democratic Party establishment and that he had been rejected by the members of his own party. He answered by saying he wanted all the voters to decide.
Okay, you have a point Mark but you're still nuts.