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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Senator Finch planning to jump ship?

From "on the fence" to "true Liebercrat?"

State Sen. William Finch, D-Bridgeport, said he's going to talk to Lieberman about whether it's in their mutual best interest for him to support the senator as an independent.

"I think that there's a risk and everybody has to assess that risk for their own district," said Finch, who said he's leaning toward backing Lieberman, whom he considers a friend.
Ah, what?

Okay, after a primary where a record number of people turned out to vote, this is clearly unacceptable behavior from a Democrat.

When does loyalty to the Democratic Party trump personal loyalty? Senator Finch is making a move that places the Democratic Party in jeopardy and the voters need to send a clear signal that this will not be tolerated as there is simply too much on the line with three Congressional races and the governor's seat up for grabs.

Please go to Senator Finch's website and tell him to respect the will of the voters in Connecticut. If he doesn't respect the will of the voters, why should voters respect him when it's his turn for re-election?