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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Latest Liebercrat: Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura

No surprise here. The pathetic mayor of one of the most historically corrupted cities in Connecticut turns his back on the Democratic Party (again).
Waterbury gave Lieberman 60 percent of its Democratic vote in the primary, though the three-term senator lost the statewide count to anti-war businessman Ned Lamont. The gritty factory town also has a history with independents winning office: Mayor Michael Jarjura was re-elected as a write-in candidate last year after he lost the Democratic primary.

"Mayor Mike is an inspiration to me now," Lieberman said.

Jarjura, who was among about three dozen supporters who met Lieberman, predicted the senator would win in November.

"Unfortunately, here in Connecticut, the Democratic Party has shifted, I think wrongly, too far to the left and that limited audience does not reflect the majority view of the people of the state of Connecticut," he said. "That was very evident in my election, and I think it will be extremely evident in Joe Lieberman's re-election in November."
Funny how Jarjura isn't doing more constructive with his time like doing something about the high property taxes in Waterbury or instead of being so cozy with developers.

Oh, I can go on ALL day about Waterbury.