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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tell your Democratic politicians to respect the will of the voters

Look, it's over.

No one can claim that the left-wing weirdos hi-jacked the election as the turnout was off the charts.

The people made their choice and Ned Lamont is the Democratic nominee for senate.

It's over.

Those who were on the fence, should do the right thing now. People like State Rep. Pat Dillon, State Sen. Bill Finch, Speaker of the House James Amann should think long and hard before jumping on the Lieberman indy bandwagon.

It's simple folks, the primary is over and the Democratic Party is in a great position to take three Congressional seats, which are very important if the Democratic Party is ever to have a chance in regaining the Majority status in the House of Representatives.

What's more important? Personal loyalty or the loyalty a politician should have towards the Democratic Party? Based on the record turnout yesterday, the voters of Connecticut deserve an answer from those individuals who STILL refuse to answer "the simple question." There is simply no time for disloyalty and any behavior that places the Democratic Party in danger can not and (will not) be tolerated. Not from any State Rep. and definitely not from a person who our Speaker of the House who once called those who support Ned Lamont “shriekers” and “weirdos”

This is not time for friendships to get in the way of the ultimate goal, which is to energize the Democratic Party, take over Control of Congress, and finally be in a position hold President Bush accountable for his years of gross mismanagement.

Rosa DeLauro showed true courage and grace today with her endorsement of Ned Lamont today and she has my ultimate respect since she’s from Lieberman’s home city of New Haven. It’s time for others should follow suit (and the sooner the better).

Your silence speaks volumes and the voters of Connecticut are listening. Please do the right thing.

Call or email your Democratic leaders and tell them to please support Ned Lamont as the elected Democratic nominee for Senate. Time is of the essence and you have the power. Please email me any responses you receive.