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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Statement from Ned Lamont regarding UK terror arrests

Just received this Ned Lamont press release:

The United States needs to strengthen its national security and improve its ability to fight terrorism. Both have suffered under President Bush.

With a force of 132,000 troops and a cost of $8 billion per month, we are currently refereeing a civil war in Iraq with no signs of progress and no credible exit strategy. Our force readiness to face another threat elsewhere in the world has been diminished because of our preoccupation with Iraq. Both anger at America around the world and the number of terrorists seeking to do us harm have increased. We are not stronger and safer because of Iraq; just the opposite is unfortunately true. Potential attacks like the one that appears to have been foiled today are clear and present dangers. Al-Qaeda continues to have operational capacity to threaten air traffic around the world, including into and out of the United States. Thank goodness the British were able to prevent this attack from moving beyond the planning stage.

We need to focus on our security, on apprehending Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist leaders and on building a credible, effective foreign policy with our allies. In the United States Senate, I will support policies to make us safer and stronger, and attentive to our true priorities. We need to change course, and that means standing up to this administration and fighting for our security in a rational, serious way rather than being bogged down in a war than is harmful to our security.