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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reporter finally exposes Lieberman's BIG FAT LIE about Biden's no-show


A reporter finally step up and calls Joe out on his blatant lie about Senator's Biden's no-show to Stamford on Monday. I wonder if he reads my blog...
And speaking of Mr. Biden, he was scheduled to appear with Mr. Lieberman on Monday at the pub, but failed to show. Mr. Lieberman explained that his colleague had just gotten in from Iraq the night before and was too exhausted to make the train up from Delaware.

"He came back late last night, and he said to me, really with great apologies, that he just couldn't make that train from Wilmington," Mr. Lieberman explained.

Bloggers pounced on the absence, saying that Mr. Biden had actually come back a full day earlier and had simply decided to skip the Lieberman event. A spokesman for Mr. Lieberman later acknowledged that Mr. Biden had returned over the weekend, but maintained that Mr. Biden had simply missed his train.
Too funny. Team Joementum was forced to admit the obvious, that they lied. Too bad the reporter didn't mention that the train from D.C. to Stamford runs every 45 minutes but I think the point was made.

All hail the power of blogs!